Scouts Honoring Nicholas Ivie

Once again the Boy Scouts have done it. When called to serve and honor others they just can't help themselves. It's a wonderful trait. Today the body of Nicholas Ivie was laid to rest in our cemetery. He is from Utah County and his mother lives in town. To show their support the Boy Scouts came out.

The Fire Trucks hung the garrison flag over the cemetery entrance.

Here's my boys on their corner about two blocks down from the cemetery.

After waiting for a bit the motorcycle cops signaled it was coming. Up in the sky you could hear the news chopper.

The motorcade began.

And it kept coming

And coming

And coming

After most of the emergency vehicles came the hearse

Followed by a ton of family and friends and people come to honor him. The motorcade drove down our street for over 20 minutes. It was amazing.

After the motorcade was done we walked over to the cemetery. I hadn't planned on going to the graveside ceremony until I realized that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

 I wanted to see the boots in the stirrups, backwards.

I wanted to hear the beautiful bagpipes and horns play several songs, not just Taps.

I wanted to hear the 21-gun salute.

I wanted to see the meticulous reverence the Border Patrol showed the Flag as it was folded one last time before it was given to his wife.

I wanted to hear the final transmission from the Border Patrol vehicle.

I wanted to not cry, but it was hard.

It was incredible to watch. I was amazed by the amount of people that came to honor this man. There were even Mounties from Canada. They work with the Border Patrol.

They thought it was beautiful here. And the media couldn't resist talking to some of the Scouts that lined the streets.

Olaf is on TV this time, not me for once.

I was thoroughly impressed with the answers Middle Child gave to the reporter.

And as Baby said, he is a Media Magnet. Watch Fox13 news tonight, maybe they'll even make it on.

 Updated: The family made it on TV, again. Just like Baby said, he's a Media Magnet. He's on right before the others, saluting the Flag as it left the cemetery. Click on the link belowe to see them.

It was a beautiful day to pay tribute to a wonderful man. May his family feel the peace of the Lord.