Bright Lights

My Mom and I and Baby had some free time one afternoon while the other boys were doing some other things. We decided to take advantage of this time and go in search of the Neon Sign Boneyard. It took us a while to find it and most people didn't really know it existed and weren't much help. But we were diligent and found it. We had to go to the end of Fremont Street. We were looking for an actual old yard with signs littered all over the ground. But we found this instead. Signs hanging all over an abandoned mall. The recession has not been kind to this town.

Some signs were in great shape.

Some were fun and fast.

Others reminded you of a more glamorous time.

And some were worse for wear.

And my Mom remarked that almost every town had a Strand theater at some time or other.

And I loved the action in this sign.

I don't know what restaurant this boy was above but he would kind of scare me away.

I think this was a precursor to Coyote Ugly.

Trader Bills just sounds like Old Las Vegas.

Here's a buff milkman going about his morning run.

I'm assuming this was before the days of central heating. I don't know what Steamed Heat is but it doesn't sound real comfortable. But it's better than being cold.

This guy was watching over an intersection. At this point we left Fremont St. Tourist Area and headed onto Fremont St. Local Area. Much more colorful, abandoned, sketchy, and shady. We didn't go far.

But these old signs were to awesome to miss.

More dancing girls. I think they were a theme in Vegas from the start.

And drinks of course.

Aladdins Lamp was from the early 60's. Next time I'll go back at night and hopefully it'll be lit up like a candle.

That night we were watching TV and we saw one of the local newscaster's walking amongst a bunch of old signs in a big yard and we both jumped. "That's what we were really looking for! Where is that?" Of course the commercial was over and we had no idea.

Until the next day. We accidentally drove by this area of town. First we saw this old slipper and stopped to take a picture. And when I turned around. . .

The Real Boneyard!

It's only open by appointment. But I can hardly wait for our next trip!


The Chocolate Fountain

And I forgot to mention the Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio. This picture says it all. This is a chocolate lover's dream.


My children are all different. Wonderfully different. This last weekend we went to the Bellagio and took in the Chinese New Year gardens. Afterwards we strolled around the stores. That's where I found these delectable things.

They were so yummy and delicious and scrumptious. We also wandered into the Garden Store of the Bellagio. They sell stuff related to the big garden display. Olaf instantly found something he wanted.

He begged and pleaded and I gave in. He loves Terra Cotta Warriors. But so do I. So it wasn't a lot of pleading. And when the saleslady told him they were half off, we were sold. Baby saw what he had and wanted some too. So off they went. When they came back and Middle Child saw that Baby had bought something he had to buy something too. He said he wanted some Warriors also, until he got into the shop and saw some other items available for purchase, half off. Apparently it's The Year of the Rabbit.

Our Bling Bling Child had to have the sparkly thing. We joke that he's like a crow. They love shiny things and bring them home to incorporate into their nests. His bedroom shines, and not from cleanliness.

These rabbits were so bright and shiny that it's hard to tell what they look like.

And speaking of Bright and Shiny things, I was on a quest to find the Neon Signs Boneyard. I'll tell you about that in another post because it's pretty cool.

But I was on a mission to find some new things in Vegas. So I found some Old Things that were really cool. Like an old Las Vegas Grammar School, Mission Style. hee hee

It's across from some new-fangled really cool building so my Dad had never noticed it before. But we got out and took pictures because it is so beautiful.

It's been restored and while I don't know what is in it right now, it apparently has some mission-type services in it because the park outside was full of homeless people. Or Hobos as Baby calls them.

This is only about a tenth of how many people were there. I kept shushing Baby as he would use the word Hobos. I don't know if that's politically correct or anything, but I didn't think they would like it and I didn't want to start a fight with a homeless person cuz we know I wouldn't win, I don't have a clue as to how to fight properly, or even how to fight dirty. I missed out on that training.

Here's my Mom and Baby underneath the arches to the largest part of the structure, probably an old gym.

I was excited to find this neat building. Supposedly somewhere around this area are some old railroad homes. Next time I'm finding those. Watch for my upcoming post about Neon Signs. They were cool. Although not as plentiful as expected, because it is Vegas and that's the one and only thing I remember about Vegas as a child, the Bright Lights.


Leftover Valentines

Last weekend we went to Vegas for the Holiday. What Holiday? you're wondering. President's Day! One evening we were walking around the Bellagio hotel. They always have such beautiful garden displays there. And then we wandered around the nearby stores.

And guess what?!? There were Leftover Valentine treats! These were so cute! I just couldn't stop myself, especially at half off.

As you can see they are miniature cupcakes that are actually Chocolate Truffles. So fun to eat! If you're willing to wait and celebrate things a little later you can get a great deal on awesome stuff. Maybe I'll tell my kids they just discovered Jesus was born after December 25th so Christmas got moved.


A Project Finished

Last spring I got together with my sisters and sisters-in-laws. It was so much fun. I love hanging out with my sisters. We just laugh and laugh. And eat and eat. And laugh some more. Last year we decided to do a Sister's Weekend Quilt. We were all supposed to bring eight quilt squares that we had made to swap with each other. all the squares turned out great, they were all different and beautiful. When I got home I had grand plans of finishing my quilt right away. But I didn't really know where to start. So even though I bought some material to finish it off with, I hadn't done anything beyond that. So this weekend when we came to Vegas I decided I would have my Mom help me finish. And she did. And I got the top finished!

I love it! I was worried I wouldn't like the colors I picked to go with it, but I think they turned out great.

And the theme of our weekend was "Worn Out" because we all needed to sleep a week to recover from our adventurous Sister's Weekend!


Door Bell Ditching

Calvin started a time-old tradition that would probably get him arrested in any town larger than ours. Door Bell Ditching. Now Baby likes to do it too. He did learn from the Master. My neighbor told me this story about him from a couple years ago.

One day her and her husband were home without any kids. Pretty soon the doorbell rang and then she heard someone running across the front porch and away from the door.

"Hey, you gonna get that?" her husband asked from the other room.

"No, it's just Baby doorbell ditching."

Two minutes later the doorbell rang again and once again she heard footsteps running across the front porch, away from the house. Again she ignored the door.

And then a third time the doorbell rang and more footsteps away from the house.

Then a couple minutes later the phone rang. She answered.

"Hi. This is Mary (not her real name) and I'm trying to ask your son to the Girl's Choice Dance. Will you please answer the door?!?"


Some Reasons

There are a few reasons why I love my Baby. Even though he isn't a Baby anymore. On Sunday he got home from Church and decided his room needed to be cleaned. So he cleaned it all by himself. And then he made his bed. And then he climbed on it and demanded I take a picture of Him and his Lovies on his Made Bed.

And then when I hadn't taken enough pictures he decided to snap a few Self-Portraits of him and his Lovies.

And then last night, his Birthday, I walked into my room. Apparently he felt having a Birthday allowed him to sleep wherever he wanted.

And he was so sweet looking in bed with Froggy.

He melts my heart.


Happy Birthday to my Baby

Happy Birthday Baby!

I know he's not really a Baby anymore but you can't tell my heart that.