Good Bye Cast

Things I've had a hard time doing in the last 2 1/2 weeks

  1. typing
  2. driving
  3. washing my hair (thankfully Olaf is now profecient enough to work as an assistant in a salon)
  4. applying makeup
  5. styling my hair
  6. applying deodorant or let's just say any personal hygeine for that matter.
  7. cooking & baking. we've eaten out a lot these past few weeks
  8. opening doors while attempting to not drop anything
  9. getting dressed, although getting undressed is even harder
  10. opening child proof containers - like pain pills
  11. sewing - lesson learned
  12. cutting my food
  13. shopping!
My favorite thing to tell people about the cast was that I hadn't broken anything when I was younger and had been feeling left out. Hence all the signatures I solicited.

Here's a picture of me in the ill-fated parade with my fellow derby girls.I'm in the middle wearing the white skates. It was a lot of fun skating in the parade even though...

Tomorrow I say Goodbye! to the cast! Hopefully I can skate again real soon!


Hatchet Hansen

It's been a while and I'm not making any excuses. But I might be back to blogging. a little. it's hard to type with one arm in a cast, even if it's only temporary. That word temporary makes it sound so...so...wussy. Tomorrow I get the real thing and then I'll feel much more legit.

Middle Child started High School this year. And Baby is in his last year of elementary school. Even when I don't feed and water them they keep growing!

Olaf was called into the bishopric at church. It takes up a little bit of his time. So to get back at him I joined the local Roller Derby league. It's close, but not quite as time consuming as his church job. But I think he might have a better chance of getting into Heaven with his extracurricular activities than me.

But my activities are much funner. Mainly because I get to pick an alter ego name! Seriously, every one should get to pick a fun name for themselves; whether it's for racing or wrestling or game playing or roller derby. it just makes life so much fun.

I came across my name in an unusual way. I was sitting in church next to the sweetest lady. I was hesitant to tell her I had started RD because I was afraid she would shake her head at me. But when she found out she surprised me with loads of support! I told her I needed a name and it had to be kind of mean sounding. And instantly she said "Hatchet Hansen." Immediately I fell in love with the name. But I took a ton of suggestions from people and checked them all in the database and then gave them to my family to vote. And the winner was...Hatchet Hansen!

And that was how I came to have my very own roller derby name! What would you choose as your roller derby name?