Good Bye Cast

Things I've had a hard time doing in the last 2 1/2 weeks

  1. typing
  2. driving
  3. washing my hair (thankfully Olaf is now profecient enough to work as an assistant in a salon)
  4. applying makeup
  5. styling my hair
  6. applying deodorant or let's just say any personal hygeine for that matter.
  7. cooking & baking. we've eaten out a lot these past few weeks
  8. opening doors while attempting to not drop anything
  9. getting dressed, although getting undressed is even harder
  10. opening child proof containers - like pain pills
  11. sewing - lesson learned
  12. cutting my food
  13. shopping!
My favorite thing to tell people about the cast was that I hadn't broken anything when I was younger and had been feeling left out. Hence all the signatures I solicited.

Here's a picture of me in the ill-fated parade with my fellow derby girls.I'm in the middle wearing the white skates. It was a lot of fun skating in the parade even though...

Tomorrow I say Goodbye! to the cast! Hopefully I can skate again real soon!


Krissie said...

Yay for getting the cast off & you will always have the story of how you broke your elbow! I'm glad it's healed though so you can go back to cooking & sewing & personal hygiene!

sally said...

I hope you can skate again real soon too. Maybe you can show Bonnie what roller skating is, I don't think she's ever seen it besides watching Whip It. Yes I know bad parenting on my part by letting her watch it but I was sewing and it was Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to see you in two sleeps!

Lonita said...

Yay, glad the cast is coming off! Can't wait to hear about the roller derby adventures once you're back on skates!

Urban Parks said...

I think you left off some of the more interesting things you couldn't or wouldn't do. It's good to have it off.

Jeni Allen said...

Just in case you were wondering, you look absolutely stunning in your cast! That's my super awesome sister!

Family Life in Idaho said...

My kids think it is so cool that big cole's mom skates!!