Hatchet Hansen

It's been a while and I'm not making any excuses. But I might be back to blogging. a little. it's hard to type with one arm in a cast, even if it's only temporary. That word temporary makes it sound so...so...wussy. Tomorrow I get the real thing and then I'll feel much more legit.

Middle Child started High School this year. And Baby is in his last year of elementary school. Even when I don't feed and water them they keep growing!

Olaf was called into the bishopric at church. It takes up a little bit of his time. So to get back at him I joined the local Roller Derby league. It's close, but not quite as time consuming as his church job. But I think he might have a better chance of getting into Heaven with his extracurricular activities than me.

But my activities are much funner. Mainly because I get to pick an alter ego name! Seriously, every one should get to pick a fun name for themselves; whether it's for racing or wrestling or game playing or roller derby. it just makes life so much fun.

I came across my name in an unusual way. I was sitting in church next to the sweetest lady. I was hesitant to tell her I had started RD because I was afraid she would shake her head at me. But when she found out she surprised me with loads of support! I told her I needed a name and it had to be kind of mean sounding. And instantly she said "Hatchet Hansen." Immediately I fell in love with the name. But I took a ton of suggestions from people and checked them all in the database and then gave them to my family to vote. And the winner was...Hatchet Hansen!

And that was how I came to have my very own roller derby name! What would you choose as your roller derby name?


Jeni Allen said...

Sweet! She's back to blogging! So, so excited! Hatchet Hansen is absolutely perfect. I've been looking into signing Sydney up for the league here in town. I think it's something she'd really enjoy! I would have to be Jeni Jet if I was a RD girl. I'll have to start thinking of a name for Sydney!

quilts and quirks said...

We have all missed your blogging so much. You have a unique outlook on life we have missed reading about. But, I'm partial. And, I love Hatchet Hansen.

Lonita said...

I love the name and am totally excited for you starting roller derby - it sounds awesome! You can show us your moves at the family reunion next summer. :-)

Urban Parks said...

Absolutely never a DULL moment at the Hansen house. Grandpa had a good laugh at your name and RD hobby. He said, she is a first child!

sally said...

Ok, I've thought of your dirty name - Destination Donna! Ha, what do you think of that. I'm glad you're back. I think about doing it myself every once in a while and then Sammy cries or kids fight and I think screw it! I'm so glad your back. I like all your funny jokes and pics that you post.