Weather Translations

I have been in the West for over 17 years now but I still don't get the weather. Growing up in the Midwest, if it was cloudy it was most likely going to rain. Here in the West it's still probably not going to rain if there are clouds about.

The other day I had noticed we had a 20% chance of rain. So I took my umbrella to work, sure that it would be raining when I left. No such luck. Beautifully clear and blue with a few wispy white clouds.

Then it hit me. The weather forecaster reports the weather differently in the Midwest than in the West.

Here's the translation for 20% chance of rain.

In the West: There's a 20% chance that rain will hit 20% of the Wasatch front. The rest of the valley will be in sunshine.

In the Midwest: To begin with it's never 20%, it's usually 40% or more. And that just means that it's going to rain for at least 40% of the day.

And those translation differences are causing me havoc in this wet spring. I'm still working on the Midwest weather reporting when I should be using the Western style. Whenever I see rain in the forecast I expect it to rain. And occasionally it does. I'm expecting to finally make the change in my mind probably around 2030. Until then just take my insistence of rain like the village listened to the Boy calling Wolf.


Baseball in Spanish Fork

Baseball in Spanish Fork is a little crazy. People here are fanatical about this sport. And it's known the whole county over. Baby has enjoyed his first year of Little League. And it's been fun to watch their team improve over the season.

They have a great coach who's worked hard with the kids and tried to teach them all the basics. He even taught them how to 'take a knee.' But regardless Baby's team was last in their division. This week they started City Tournament. Those of us Mom's who have watched a few painful games were willing to let them lose both games and be done for the year.

Such was not our fate. The team has finally started to Shine! They won their first game by a landslide. To begin with we were all annoyed that it was another 8:30 pm game. By this time of night the 3rd and 4th graders are just tired. And to make matters worse this game didn't start until 9 pm. So we were there until almost 11 pm. So it came as a shock when we won!

We moved on down the bracket. We played the next day. And we won again! This team was pretty good and already assured a spot on the State Tournament which we sure weren't. It was kind of fun.

One of the fun parts of the baseball season is getting to know the other families of the team members and watching each of the boys improve. Or break bones. Not our child this year. Baby has really improved and now that the season is almost over he kind of knows what he's doing. That's usually how it works. But he has had a lot of fun and been quite entertaining for the parents in the stands.

For instance. The last game we played. Baby got a run. He loves it when he gets to slide into home base. He loves getting his pants all dirty. But for some reason he didn't slide into home this time. I'm not sure if something got in his way or if he was just entertaining all the adults. But he Rolled over home base! As everyone in our team's stand laughed and cheered I got several comments from different parents:

"He's my favorite to watch!"

"I LOVE him!"

"Only your boy!"

"He's always so much fun!"

Apparently most of the parents enjoy watching my child, thankfully even the Coach. He may not be the best hitter or outfielder, but he's the best entertainer on the team. And he's always got a smile on his face, whether they're winning or losing.


The Garden Wedding

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of two lovely people. One is Olaf's uncle and the other was his fiancée. They sure made a cute couple.

As I mentioned the wedding took place in a beautiful garden. I am so glad they didn't get married a week earlier. The weather was horrendously cold and wet that weekend. So while we basked in the sun I didn't mind at all that it was a little warm. I was glad it was such a beautiful day for them.

Baby was my only date for the wedding since Olaf and Middle Child were en route home from Scout Camp. But Baby was a good date. When I came out and he saw me all dressed up he exclaimed, "Mom, you're so beautiful!!!" He sure knows how to make my day.

While we were waiting for things to get started Baby was playing in the garden under a tree, trying to stay out of the sun. His heater runs about 20 degrees warmer than mine and he was hot. After I sat down in one of the chairs and he continued to play under the tree he came running over just as things were about to start.

"Mom!" in his biggest whisper possible. "There's snails here!" You would have thought he found the leprechaun's gold he was so excited. Then he ran back and played with the snails till the wedding was over and done with.

When I chanced back to see the snails I was a little surprised. They were big! And they looked Perfectly like a snail. They were cute. I didn't really want to dump salt on them anymore. Because during the wedding I had thought about it and lamented that I didn't have any salt in my purse. By this time though Baby had played with them enough that they were now friends and bringing salt into the picture would have been the equivalent of murder.

And I am not a murderess. Someone mentioned they're a nuisance because they eat leaves. All Baby heard was they eat leaves, so Baby set them on some leaves. He was just so innocent, not realizing that most grown-ups don't like snails because they eat their gardens. Everyone got a good laugh when he started setting the snails on plants so they could eat.

I was happy to attend such a beautiful wedding. The biggest success came because in Baby's mind it was a fine wedding too.


Shopping For Boys

Somehow the children keep growing. Out of things. Do they think I have a money tree hidden away somewhere that gives me money to buy them clothing and shoes? Well, they'll find out one day.

I got some sandals for Middle Child. That kid needed something new for the summer and that was the first thing to tackle on my list. I brought them home. Size 10, mens. They should have fit. But they didn't! They were too small.

So I took them back and got a 10 1/2. If those don't fit I'm going to start binding his feet so they will.


Summer At Last

Glorious Summer is here! Finally! It's only June 15, within a month I'll be complaining about the heat. But in the meantime I love 80-degree weather. Perfect for lounging at the pool. Baby and I have been to the pool twice this summer! I don't love the pool so this is a big accomplishment for me. And I've been working on that sunburn. It's coming right along.

I have also noticed all the sports cars are out of storage. They are quite beautiful. My favorite so far? The Camaro with the license plate "B84RDR."

We played Lumberjack one weekend. Gone are the hideous bushes along the garage, replaced with snowball bushes. I'm excited for how nice they'll look in a few years.

Olaf has been busy planning for his annual Scout Camp. They are gone and having a lot of fun and eating all the good food he bought. Middle Child's cousin came and went to camp with them. Those two just keep growing! I'm afraid they'll be taller than me by next summer. Baby and I are enjoying pancakes for dinner every night. Best food ever!

Hope your summer is treating you right! Enjoy it cuz snow ALWAYS comes way too soon.