Baseball in Spanish Fork

Baseball in Spanish Fork is a little crazy. People here are fanatical about this sport. And it's known the whole county over. Baby has enjoyed his first year of Little League. And it's been fun to watch their team improve over the season.

They have a great coach who's worked hard with the kids and tried to teach them all the basics. He even taught them how to 'take a knee.' But regardless Baby's team was last in their division. This week they started City Tournament. Those of us Mom's who have watched a few painful games were willing to let them lose both games and be done for the year.

Such was not our fate. The team has finally started to Shine! They won their first game by a landslide. To begin with we were all annoyed that it was another 8:30 pm game. By this time of night the 3rd and 4th graders are just tired. And to make matters worse this game didn't start until 9 pm. So we were there until almost 11 pm. So it came as a shock when we won!

We moved on down the bracket. We played the next day. And we won again! This team was pretty good and already assured a spot on the State Tournament which we sure weren't. It was kind of fun.

One of the fun parts of the baseball season is getting to know the other families of the team members and watching each of the boys improve. Or break bones. Not our child this year. Baby has really improved and now that the season is almost over he kind of knows what he's doing. That's usually how it works. But he has had a lot of fun and been quite entertaining for the parents in the stands.

For instance. The last game we played. Baby got a run. He loves it when he gets to slide into home base. He loves getting his pants all dirty. But for some reason he didn't slide into home this time. I'm not sure if something got in his way or if he was just entertaining all the adults. But he Rolled over home base! As everyone in our team's stand laughed and cheered I got several comments from different parents:

"He's my favorite to watch!"

"I LOVE him!"

"Only your boy!"

"He's always so much fun!"

Apparently most of the parents enjoy watching my child, thankfully even the Coach. He may not be the best hitter or outfielder, but he's the best entertainer on the team. And he's always got a smile on his face, whether they're winning or losing.


Tim said...

Wish I could be there to see him play. Last time I saw him play he was chasing bugs on the field. They are growing up fast.

Donna said...

Yeah, well, he still swats at bugs while in the outfield. He has come a long ways but he's still my antsy kid.

quilts and quirks said...

How fun to see that home run plus win the game. I'm sorry we missed that. They need a party.

sally said...

It's good to see that the boys are coming along well. I still remember watching Calvin when he was doing the primary program and now it seems Cole has taken up the beloved funny boy spot. I would of loved to see him roll over home plate. What a riot.

SamBamby said...

I miss real city baseball. Here they just have matching shirts that turn inside out to show the difference between teams. Lame! Either way, I am really jealous.