Summer At Last

Glorious Summer is here! Finally! It's only June 15, within a month I'll be complaining about the heat. But in the meantime I love 80-degree weather. Perfect for lounging at the pool. Baby and I have been to the pool twice this summer! I don't love the pool so this is a big accomplishment for me. And I've been working on that sunburn. It's coming right along.

I have also noticed all the sports cars are out of storage. They are quite beautiful. My favorite so far? The Camaro with the license plate "B84RDR."

We played Lumberjack one weekend. Gone are the hideous bushes along the garage, replaced with snowball bushes. I'm excited for how nice they'll look in a few years.

Olaf has been busy planning for his annual Scout Camp. They are gone and having a lot of fun and eating all the good food he bought. Middle Child's cousin came and went to camp with them. Those two just keep growing! I'm afraid they'll be taller than me by next summer. Baby and I are enjoying pancakes for dinner every night. Best food ever!

Hope your summer is treating you right! Enjoy it cuz snow ALWAYS comes way too soon.


denverallens said...

Pancakes for dinner everynight! LUCKY! I know I'm lame, but I can't figure out what the license plate means. Help me! So what are snowball bushes??? You're gonna come see me this summer right?????

Lonita said...

Ah, summer. Our spring and summer apparently got switched around, as all it does recently is rain...so you'll have to enjoy the summer for us until ours returns, I guess!

Donna said...

B8 = Bait
4 = for
RDR = Radar
So true!

Unfortunately the weather is turning nasty today so we're right back into cold, wet, spring mode. Blech!

sally said...

We had summer for a day yesterday and now it's freezing again! It sounds nice that you got to enjoy a little summer.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

THANK YOU for telling me what the plate ment!!!

Hattie says hello - she is kicken the key pad!!