The Garden Wedding

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of two lovely people. One is Olaf's uncle and the other was his fiancée. They sure made a cute couple.

As I mentioned the wedding took place in a beautiful garden. I am so glad they didn't get married a week earlier. The weather was horrendously cold and wet that weekend. So while we basked in the sun I didn't mind at all that it was a little warm. I was glad it was such a beautiful day for them.

Baby was my only date for the wedding since Olaf and Middle Child were en route home from Scout Camp. But Baby was a good date. When I came out and he saw me all dressed up he exclaimed, "Mom, you're so beautiful!!!" He sure knows how to make my day.

While we were waiting for things to get started Baby was playing in the garden under a tree, trying to stay out of the sun. His heater runs about 20 degrees warmer than mine and he was hot. After I sat down in one of the chairs and he continued to play under the tree he came running over just as things were about to start.

"Mom!" in his biggest whisper possible. "There's snails here!" You would have thought he found the leprechaun's gold he was so excited. Then he ran back and played with the snails till the wedding was over and done with.

When I chanced back to see the snails I was a little surprised. They were big! And they looked Perfectly like a snail. They were cute. I didn't really want to dump salt on them anymore. Because during the wedding I had thought about it and lamented that I didn't have any salt in my purse. By this time though Baby had played with them enough that they were now friends and bringing salt into the picture would have been the equivalent of murder.

And I am not a murderess. Someone mentioned they're a nuisance because they eat leaves. All Baby heard was they eat leaves, so Baby set them on some leaves. He was just so innocent, not realizing that most grown-ups don't like snails because they eat their gardens. Everyone got a good laugh when he started setting the snails on plants so they could eat.

I was happy to attend such a beautiful wedding. The biggest success came because in Baby's mind it was a fine wedding too.


Lonita said...

Boy, what a fantastic way to keep a boy occupied during a wedding! Sounds like Baby made some good new friends - does Tank now have fellow pets? :-)

MotocrossMom AKA Autumn H. said...

That reminds me of being little at Grandma Virginia's house. She always had those beautiful Home-and-Garden layout flowers. Me and Heather would search all throughout her yard for all the snails. We would put them in a paper cup and bring them home where we placed them in mom's yard and garden. We figured that if it was in grandma's garden, it must be good! Imagine our dismay when we caught dad throwing them on the sidewalk to kill them.....my my mom still is plagued with the offspring of those same snails in her yard today.
In fact, I think some of them caught a ride home when grandma gave me some iris clippings to plant in my yard....

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

How fun!

Donna said...

Autumn, That's how I learned snails were bad for the garden, from Grandma! I thought they were cute until she complained about them and put salt on them. She had so much gardening wisdom.

Krissie said...

That's awesome! When I was about Baby's age is when I saw or remembered my first snail...I was extremely grossed out!