I love that Baby and I have competitions on who had the hardest workout the night before. He is taking Karate and is only two belts away from a Black Belt! I'm in Roller Derby.

Baby: We had to do 25 push-ups

Me: We had to do the push-ups while slapping our neighbors hand, then walk 5 steps(?) one directions and start all over again going the other way.

Baby: We had to do a bunch of squats.

Me: So did we, 30 seconds and 45 seconds with our butt against the wall. (as you can see I don't get down nearly far enough yet)

Me: And then we had to do group squats while we went around the circle saying different things.

Baby: Huh?

Baby: We had to do 50 sit ups.

Me: We had to do a ton of sit ups and push ups and jumping jacks. We started by doing 30, skating a bit, then we went down by 5 every time we finished skating til we got to 1 and then we went back up to 30.

Baby: We had to do a ton of jumping jacks too!

Me: I had to do it all on Roller Skates.

Baby: What! That's hard!! You win!!!