I Am Not Alone

Many of you know my OCD tendencies. Until this point I thought I had created them all by my lonesome. Growing up introverted allows you a lot of time to play games with your mind. My most well-known one is the whole number thing. I thought this was so weird and freakish that Hubby only found out about it five years ago. I was at a Pampered Chef Party and had added all the totals up to the tax part because I didn't want to figure the 6.25% tax that needed to be added. When I got it back from the hostess my total had doubled! I saw she had not realized that everything had been added for her and had re-added everything to the total. She said she's not used to people adding things for her. I informed her I had a "Math Compulsory Disorder." She laughed and one of the girls said "Is that what it's called?" I had only been kidding and this was the first reference in public I had ever made to my Problem. Turns out she does some of the same things I do; add numbers on license plates, count the lines on the road, give crazy change in order to get back a round amount, etc. When I worked at Target I would race the cash register to figure out how much change should be given to a person paying with cash. Playing BUNCO last weekend I became a favorite at the table with some of the girls cuz I can't help but count everyone’s total, not just my own. All this time I thought I was alone with this number craziness.

Saturday, at Aunt Jeri's, she was putting away food. She had filled a baggie with brownie bites and handed them to my uncle. He said "I'm not taking these home!" (Now I know how they stay skinny) She replied, "Just close the bag." "Well, it's too full." And he tossed a few brownies out. Jeri cried, "Now there isn't an even number in there!" Hubby was sitting at the counter and was dumbstruck. His jaw slacked wide, eyes popped open, and he looked at me in awe. Little did we know I didn’t make this up all by myself, I inherited from the very Aunts I looked like!

When we were eating dessert I had broken up my angel food cake so it would be bite size. Same Uncle asked “What are you doing?” “I’m breaking them bite size so I don’t have to cut them up while I eat.” “My wife’s doing the exact same thing!” And sure enough, right next to me Aunt Marti was breaking her cake up into bite size pieces!

Several years ago Sister Sally’s family was visiting. As her Hubby opened the obvious drawer for silverware and saw a multitude of silverware just thrown in the drawer and scattered all over he exclaimed, “This can’t be D’s silverware!” It was the daycare silverware thrown in a drawer I never look in and can ignore. I know the difference between the silverwares and put them away accordingly. Saturday as Aunt Marti was helping put silverware away Aunt Jeri stopped her and said “That silverware doesn’t go there.” Where does it go? Aunt Jeri has two sets of silverware also! But her second set is nice and put away nicely. But how many people have two sets of silverware and separate them? I have seen plenty of mixed silverware in one drawer and no one else with two drawers of silverware!

As we were getting ready to drive off into the sunset I had my trusty Atlas at my side. I love maps! It is so nice to see everything right in front of you! I don’t care for GPS’. I don’t know where I’m going and my parents GPS constantly gets me lost. “Bear right” can mean anything from exit highway, turn right at the corner, follow the road as it barely curves to the right, or follow one of the right-veering roads at a 5+ intersection corner. I prefer to have my Atlas ready to check for any questions or problems. Same Uncle once again accosted me, “What is that thing?” “It’s my Atlas. We have to drive home and I brought it.” I’m sure he knew we were taking two roads to get home, Highway 99 to Interstate 80, how lost can we get? Once again, “You’re just like me wife!” She pipes up, “I love the Atlas and take it with us whenever we go anywhere.” Me too!

I couldn’t believe how enlightening four hours in California would be to me & Hubby! I am not alone!


BBQ in California

This weekend Hubby & I flew out to California for a BBQ. Kind of far? But it was so fun! I got to see my Aunts & Uncles and Grandparents whom I hadn't seen for almost eight years. I also got to see some of my cousins who all grew up! I knew I was getting older but they did too.

The first time Hubby met my Aunts he was floored. He had met all of the rest of my family and just hadn't been able to figure where I fit in. Some of my sisters sound like my Mom and some of them look like younger versions of her. He just hadn't been able to find my fit yet. Then he met my Aunts. I am a McLean through and through. He was just in awe the whole time how much I looked and acted like them. This trip proved even more enlightening about how much of a McLean I really am, more posts later! I promise.

We flew into CA around 11am and Sister Sally, also visiting, picked us up at the airport and proceeded to drive us to Modesto where almost all my family live. We were crazy thirsty and decided to stop at Target cuz sunglasses and snacks were also needed. Dad called while we were in Target and I assured him we were almost done. Then he called again to check on us again. The next time he called I just ignored it. A minute later Hubby calls from the backseat "Oh, you ignored him. I got him now!" (We love you Dad and all your idiosyncrasies!) So hubby talked to him. Of course Dad started giving us directions but we placated him with the GPS. He loves that thing, I would much rather look at the Atlas. I love maps. One year for Mothers Day I got a globe. That was a really cool present for me! Since we were cursing the GPS and its "Bear Right" when in reality it was a freeway exit or an actual turn, I remembered the Atlas and pulled it out. We all laughed cuz Sister Sally would much rather use that too! We finally got to Aunt Jeri's farm and got to admire her gorgeous new house. My Aunts are all so crafty and decorative. The house was beautiful in every regard. And the farm was as lovely as I remember. I love the country.

Don't I have the cutest grandparents? This is a picture of my Grandpa McLean and Grandma Ruby.

This whirlwind trip's main purpose was to purchase my Grandpa's car. We already have a 13-year-old Saturn and now we have an 11-year-old Saturn. The New Old Car is almost like new. I am very lucky. I am also very glad to quit driving the Truck everywhere and forking out a fortune every time I fill that tank up.


Murder Campout

My husband is Scoutmaster for the 12-13 year old boys in our neighborhood. He is perfect for the job. He loves Scouts, camping, and all things outdoors. This last winter he took the boys camping near our house in the mountains. I think they're a little crazy. Camping in snow? There's a nice warm bed at home, 15 minutes away! But the boys dig it and can't get enough. As if once a month isn't enough for anyone! This time they left, camped, cooked food, made ice cream in their new ice cream ball bought for $1 at an estate sale, and went to bed early since they were cold. About 1am my husband was woken up by a commotion outside. Peeking his head out of the tent, and only his head since it was cold, he saw some sheriffs. He decided he better check out why they were visiting his camp. Since he was already dressed, I've learned you sleep in your clothes on winter camps, he hopped out and asked what brought on this nocturnal visit. "We want to let you know we're searching for a murder suspect and think he's tromping around the mountains here." Well, that's enough to wake anyone up! His description? "He's in his 40's and carrying a briefcase." By this time all the boys were awake and some were starting to get a little worried. They heard helicopters buzzing overhead and saw spotlights on the surrounding mountains. Sheriffs - "Have you got a gun?" Silly question if you know my husband - "Yes." Sheriffs - "Load it."

At first my husband thought about putting everyone back to bed and then he started thinking. Chances are pretty slim of actually running into this guy, but these aren't his kids. So he woke the other adult who had slept through everything, sounds like me, and packed up camp. At 3am Baby woke me to tell me the exciting news! Yes, Baby thinks he's a Scout and goes on most camps.

One of the boys said the moral to this story was "Bring a gun."


Baby the Frog

I've mentioned how much Baby loves his Froggy, his twin brother. When I bought him a shirt with a frog on it he exclaimed, "Everyone at school is going to be sooo jealous of my new shirt!" He assumes everyone loves frog as much as he does. This summer I signed him & Middle Child up for an acting class this summer. In two weeks this large group of kids put together a play for their parents. Middle Child loved it last year and Baby had to do it too this year. After a couple classes I asked what part he was playing. "I'm a Frog!" I couldn't have done anything cooler for him this summer!


Pedicure Pampering?

I went to get a pedicure today. I was so excited! I made an appointment with a salon where I had received a gift certificate. Bonus, wonderful pampering free of charge! I got there and was shown into a dark room in an old house renovated for a Salon/Day Spa for Hell. They sat me in an old hair cutting chair covered in dark stains lifted off the ground. There was no nice plush chair with a massager for the back and a head rest. At least they took that into consideration and put it against the wall so I could rest my head on the wall. Then I realized there was no sink of warm bubbling water. Quickly she brought in a Conair foot soaking tub I could have bought at KMart for less than $10. She plugged it in and got it bubbling at least. After soaking for a few minutes and then the regular pampering, massaging, and getting the feet ready, she started painting. I had decided to go with the French Tip because it is so cute. After painting the tips in what looked like paper white-out she went back over them and smoothed out the lines with that hard stick. Then she proceeded with some stringy clear to paint the whole nail. Then, after messing with a few of the white lines, she cleaned them off and repainted those toes. Thankfully, she was done at that point. I left in those ridiculous flip flops and got in the car. I figured that at least my toes looked cute. Then an hour later I looked at my toes and the white tips had bled down farther onto the toes! It looked like Baby had painted my toes!


Baby & the Car Seat

Lately Baby has been acting a little weird. And it's getting worse over time. It started with him liking to wash his hands when he was dirty. That didn't happen with either of the other two children. Then it progressed to washing hands before he ate without nagging from me. The other day as I changed a diaper he reminded me to wash my hands after changing dirty diapers. I informed him that I wash my hands after changing any diaper. He randomly asks for baths because he's "Dirty." He has absolutely no problem getting dirty, he does it every day! And it's not like he always tries to get clean. He randomly asks for baths and reminds us all of handwashing. Just a few days ago he came in crying and claiming Middle Child had touched his cereal without washing his hands. In order to console him I let him know that Middle Child had just taken a shower, so he was super clean. Today when I made him a sandwich he asked if I had washed my hands as I handed him the plate! I have two older boys, but neither have ever showed any interest in being clean. It's a constant battle to get them to wash their faces, hands, and hair! This is rather odd behavior at my house. I'm used to being the only one that likes to be clean.

His newest obsession is the car seat. A law was recently passed requiring children to be in car seats until age 8 or 80 pounds. Baby has been out of the car seat for over two years. Now he is counting down the days till his eighth birthday. He had a conversation with my friend when he caught a ride with her and her kids. He reminded her that her little boy had to be in a car seat for four more years! And he checked on the ages of the other children to make sure they were old enough. He is constantly reminding me that his cousin who barely turned seven doesn't ride in her car seat. He reminds me for her safety, not because he is trying to squirm out of sitting in his car seat. He is not shirking his duty and will sit in his car seat until he turns eight! He will not break the law!

All this worrying makes me worried. I've never had a kid so worried about others, rules, and cleanliness. It's kind of cute and I hope it doesn't become too much of an obsession!

Good News Minute

It's Friday! I have made it through another week again! Sometimes on Tuesday or Wednesday I just don't know if I can make it or not. At my church we have a Good News Minute at the beginning of the women's meeting every Sunday. We have a lot of older women who are always announcing Weddings, Baby Births, Mission Calls, College Graduations, Children getting off Drugs, etc. Every time I'm in there I want to raise my hand and say "I made it through Another Week!" I just know that after the chuckles I would get those looks afterwards, Why is it so hard to get through a week? A lot of these older ladies have forgotten how hard it is to raise kids and occasionally make comments as the few children we do have run through the halls; I can't really blame them, they just sat for three hours!

For this week my Good News Minute includes making two purses; a couple zipper pouches; buying plane tickets to California for my Hubby & I to go and pick up an old car we just bought from my Grandpa; surviving daycare kids and my own two children not at camp; not cooking one real meal since Hubby and First Born are camping and are the only ones who really eat my food; making it to both Baseball games for Baby; Letting Middle Child play with lots of friends; getting a second job interview at the same place; and getting a decent amount of sleep. Hope your week was good too!


Grant Wood

One of my favorite artists is Grant Wood. Can't be coincidence that he came from Iowa and I consider that I grew up there. I just love his paintings. I know he loves Iowa because he left to study painting and came back because there was so much to paint in this little state. One of my favorites is Stone City. This is just how Iowa looks to me. Rolling hills, Large trees, Stream & Rivers, White churches, Red barns, and farmland as far as the eye can see. I miss it so much at times it hurts. When I tell people I'm from Iowa most instantly respond with "Isn't it Flat there?" No, I respond. We have rolling hills and forests and squirrels and grass growing everywhere and rows of corn I never tired of watching as we drove down the highway. Utah is beautiful in a different sort of way and it took me forever to even think it wasn't ugly. But I have come to love Utah and our dry summers. I love how it cools off at night no matter how hot it got that day. I love that winter is warm and sunny 75% of the time. In Iowa if it gets above freezing in January and February it's a warm day! I love Utah's mountains and how cool it stays in the summer up there and how close they are to me. As much as I miss the trees and hills I love our bugless summers!

Here's another one for eye candy called Young Corn. I miss the rows and rows and rows of corn.


New Purses

This weekend I found a cute purse online and thought to myself "I can sew that." I couldn't see everything about the purse, just the basic shape. So I went with the shape and made my own pattern. I had already bought some brown and green material that I really liked and thought this would be perfect for my purse. So I got it all out, cut out the material, and started sewing. Several hours later I had this purse. It turned out really cute! I decided that I wanted to make another one that was longer and thinner. So I made another pattern before I went to bed. I didn't get around to it the next few days, busy with Father's Day and allergies and that good stuff, but today I sewed the new pattern up and loved it!

I got some cute muted colors for the outside and a bright pink with darker pink tulips and vines for the lining. It was so fun to make! My Mom loves tulips so I decided to give it to her. I thought it just turned out adorable. I was worried the bright pink would be too crazy for the soft blue and greens but it brightened it up just right. It's fun playing around and making these fun things! I love it!



Many of you know that I graduated from college recently. I had a friend who also graduated several years ago after she had children. She talks about how she can still feel the relief of not being in school. I remember thinking during school that it wasn't such a big deal, it didn't take up much of my time, and I wouldn't feel much different. Now that I've been out over a month I can't believe how much time I have now.

I am still busy in the evening with Baby in baseball, husband and two older children in scouts, and other miscellaneous activities. But I can not believe how much time has been freed up without worrying about homework, mulling over homework, dreading doing homework, procrastinating homework, doing anything but homework, and finally doing homework! The first week out of school I was cleaning and getting ready for a grad party. Every time I turned around I thought I should be doing homework and then realized I didn't have to worry about that anymore! It was so liberating! Now that several weeks have passed my house isn't as clean as it was before because it's not fun to clean when it's in lieu of homework. I find that ironic. Granted there were weeks during school when I had big projects or loads of homework and housework was forgotten, but usually it got done pretty well. Now it's not done much at all. But I have been replacing homework with sewing. I have rediscovered sewing and am having a blast trying new things out all the time! And that is much more fun than cleaning. I won't be cleaning in lieu of sewing!


I recently had a friend ask "Why did 'I Kissed A Girl' get moved down to slot number two on my playlist? Honestly it was technical difficulties. But I had been thinking about my parents and how they probably didn't want to hear that song. I can see my Mom raising her eyebrows and giving the computer that Look that she gave me when she caught me in miniskirts in High School. I can hear my Dad saying "What is wrong with that girl? Didn't we teach her better?"

It did remind me of the time in High School when I left the song by George Michael 'I Want Your Sex' in the tape player (I'm old!) of the station wagon (and sooo cool). My Dad brought it in after him and my Mom had been out and I knew immediately what was wrong. He was carrying the tape and I thought "Crap, I left that tape in the car!" I had never meant for them to find it in the first place. He said "I don't approve of this song." Yeah, I already knew that! "I really think you should throw this tape away." You just don't argue with my Dad when you're the young, irresponsible, misguided teenager. I said "You're right, I'll do that." So, I did what every good teenage girl would do. I hid the tape in my bedroom and was much, much more careful about what music I left laying around.

Oldest Child also likes the song I Kissed A Girl. My husband tried to hide it from him. I'm not sure how he thought that was possible. I have had several conversations with my son about how music does not define who you are or what you do and if it does, then that is a problem. Last winter he told me he erased a song from his ipod. I asked him why and he told me a friend told him it was a bad song. That really irritated me because he should think for himself. Because we live in Utah with all our fellow Mormons I am really stressing to my children that they need to make decisions for themself and to not just follow the religious crowd, they are not always right. I probed a little further to find out the real reason. He finally admitted he didn't like the song. I told him that was a perfectly good reason for deleting a song but he shouldn't let others judge his music. He also then said it was about sex. I laughed out loud! I told him that Rock 'n Roll music is about Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll! That was when we had our first discussion about music. We've had several since then and as long as he is not afraid to share his music with me I am not too worried about him.


Our 4th Child

I have neglected to tell many people that we actually have 4 children, not three. Luckily I did not have to endure the nine month preganancy, nor sleepless nights afterwards. And this 4th child doesn't need diaper changes or bottle-feedings and coddling, granted Baby gives him enough of that. Our 4th child's name is Froggy. He was born the same day as Baby. He was a gift from his Aunt & Uncle and has become part of the family. He goes on vacation with us. He sleeps with Baby every night. We have gone on several Search & Rescue Missions to recover Froggy from dangerous field ops where his partner forgot to extract him.

Our favorite Search & Rescue Mission took place in Boise after Thanksgiving. We were trying to go home. One of my younger sisters calls to tell me she's in labor. "Congratulations! -pause- Have you seen Froggy, was he left at your house last night?" No. Off to downtown Boise and dumpster diving with the best of the homeless. Rechecking restaurants and parking garages. Finally, in the kid playground I walked in "Have you seen a used green . . . There he is! Thank you so MUCH! Where did you find him?" In the parking lot. Obviously some mother saw him and knew how much he would be missed and brought him back in to the lost and found. That or else she was so disgusted by him she didn't want her kid touching him. Whatever the reason thank you wherever you are!

After our most recent Search & Rescue Mission we decided Baby is too old to be carrying Froggy everywhere and we are tired of looking for him with the sick feeling every parent has when a child is lost. He has been relegated to the China Cabinet next to my Bear, who was loved just as much as Froggy.

What Happens When Mom is Sick

Mounted Antelope Head
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While I was sick on Sunday my husband got an important and long-awaited call from his taxidermist. YES, the antelope he shot back in October was finally finished and ready to be picked up! He woke me from my dream-deprived, fevered, sleep to let me know he wanted to pick it up. On my way to bed later he said "Why don't you check on. . ." to which I replied "I'm not going downstairs to check on the kids' rooms." (Yes, my parents were due in town the next day and I wasn't alive enough to clean house.) "No, no, don't waste your energy on that, check the computer room." Lo, and Behold, On the Wall. Antelope face and marble eyes staring and bringing some ancient curse according to Baby. "Will it make you feel better if you know they're not real eyes, but only painted marbles?" "Yes, Daddy. Can Froggy sit on him?" On my sickness-induced sleepwalk to the bedroom I said "Looks great, centered and all." And then I fell into bed and went to sleep. Boomer the Basset Hound has not liked the addition to the family and barks nonstop at him till the door shuts. I'll let you know the new addition's name after the naming ceremony.

Quick way to Lose 5 Pounds

Sunday morning at 3:30 am I woke up puking and continued to puke every 15 fifteen minutes until about 7:30. I was still sick a few more times but was done by 9:00. I have never been so violently sick before! It was horrible. That morning I was only alert enough to do two things: to stagger into the bathroom and to tell my husband that he needed to let somebody at church know I wouldn't be there to teach my Sunday School class. Other than that I was in and out of consciousness until 2:30 when my stomach finally quit hurting. I was so dehydrated it hurt to look at a glass of water. I sipped it once I finally quit puking because I was so thirsty. I know the rule is no food or liquid until four to six hours after one is done puking but I couldn't wait! The water was Calypso and I, Odysseus. After my stomach quit hurting I was able to drink more water and drink I did!

My sister-in-law came over in the evening to check on me. We were all supposed to go to the amusement park the morning and she was wondering if I'd be able to go. I said I would since I had done nothing but sleep all day. I hadn't been able to stay awake for more than 15 minutes all day. Finally, that night I was able to eat a little dinner and then I knew I would be all right.

The next day I got up and stepped on the scale and I had lost 5 pounds!!! It was worth it after all! And then today, a day later, I was still 5 pounds down! I had decided I would start working hard to eat healthier this week and this was a great incentive!


June Woes

Today is June 5th. The temperature outside is 52 F. No, I am not Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. I live in Utah and in the valley, not up high in the mountains. I want to know what happened to the promise of global warming? After a cold rainy fall, a miserably cold and extra snowy winter, and now a cold rainy spring, I want to know what all the doomsayers have to say about this global warming effect. It has been cold and miserable for 75% of the past eight months and I have to say they are wrong. I was on the cusp of believing in global warming but after the last eight months I have swayed the other direction. I am beginning to believe in global cooling. I know, I am in the minority, but I rarely believe in what the media hypes. It's one of my quirks and my friends have come to adore/detest it, I'm not sure which. Currently, the global warming fanatics are at the top of my angry list. I was looking forward to some global warming after this winter and they haven't come through.



I have two out of three boys gone for several days. First Born had a leadership camp for the Boy Scouts of America and Middle Child is off to a 5th grade camp that is put on by the school district every year. It has been so nice having one child and Baby is loving every minute of it!

First Born should be having a ball. He discovered at a meeting that he knows a few of the kids at camp from school and that helped relieve his reservations about going away for a week. He will be camping and learning survival skills and learn leadership skills and again camping, his favoritist part. He adapts well to new situations and gets along with most people and I know he is having a ball!

Middle Child is at camp with friends from school and should hopefully be having fun. I'm sure he is but he always worries us parents a little. Until recently he was not so much of a social bug. He was more happy to stay home and do stuff here. Grounding for him resulted in kicking him out of the house to go and play with friends. At first he considered it serious punishment but, of course, once he got playing with his friends he was happy.

It's amazing how different all children are. First Born is outgoing while Middle Child is much more reserved and Baby is a little of both, although once comfortable in a situation he can be a little too outgoing.

Brown pouch I made all by myself

Brown pouch
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I think this is my favorite cosmetic pouch that I've made so far. I just love the fabric colors and design and the inside has this matching green kind of crazy lining that is just fun. It was my first attempt at a pleat and I thought it turned out looking good. I was pleasantly pleased with this pouch!

I have recently been sewing things. I started with baby items, bibs and onesies, but have branched out from there. I started making zippered pouches and have had so much fun. I think I like making pouches even more than baby stuff! Now I just need to learn how to make more tote and bags to go with the pouches.

I have always enjoyed sewing but haven't done much with it for probably 15+ years and now I have found fun things I can sew quickly. Since I don't know what to do with all this fun stuff I sew I set up an etsy.com shop, 3 C's Creations, named after the boys of course. Although I've only sold one thing to my sister it's been fun sewing and maybe one day people will discover my shop and I'll have an excuse to sew even more.


Destination Moab

One of our favorite places to visit is Moab, Utah. No, we don't mountain bike nor do we rock climb. We don't even go jeeping! I know that is a sin, when in Rome and all. In my defense I did get a ride on the Lion's Back once. We do have an in with the police there and can go speeding down Main St! hee hee Hubby's bro is a cop in town and when First Born needed stitches (stitches are about 2/3 the price in a small town compared to a larger town) he got to go in a police car with the bright lights and sirens slicing through the night. Talk about loving to get hurt! We love going to Moab because it is such a cute town. It is beautiful with all the green in town and the contrasting red rocks and cliffs all around. And Main St. is so cute with all the little shops and old buildings. We love to go to Arches National Park and see all the Arches, hence the name. It is also a stopping off place to several Native American sites such as Hovenweep and Mesa Verde.

Last time we went on the Negro Bill Canyon hike pictured here. It was the most beautiful hike I have ever been on. It was a hike I would actually do again. I like hiking but I am no adventurous outdoorsman and usually once I have completed a hike I consider it DONE and can chalk it up. Then I'm onto the next hike and I rarely look back. But this one was so much fun. It was shady and cool with a stream down the middle. After we had been going for quite a while my Sis-in-Law asked someone how much farther. They said half hour and then looked at her flip flops and made some snotty remark about "Well, those are the wrong shoes." Super Hiker had on tennis shoes and probably had to pick her way through the river, actually stream, we kept criss crossing, our favoritist part of the hike. It was cool and clear and so delicious to walk through in the pre-summer heat of the day. We, in our tevas, were able to walk through the stream and not worry about wet feet since sandaled feet dry immediately.

Another half hour passed and we asked someone else how much farther and they also told us half hour. We laughed and I remarked since they also had kids they were probably traveling at our speed, not the speed of the super hiker with real shoes that kept her feet dry and hot. When we finally reached the end it was such a little trickle that turned into a stream that we were amazed! The kids got to play for an hour in the pond and mud and couldn't be happier. On our way back I laughed at how we started late and hiked in as all the morning hikers were leaving and on our way out encountered all the evening hikers on their way in!

Of course Boomer the Basset Hound went with us. He was so cute with his long muddy ears. He was glad to get back to eat and sleep in the shade.

Boomer the Basset Hound

The hair is flying everywhere! We had a horribly cold winter, kind of like a normal Iowa winter, that is where I grew up. Our dog, Boomer the Basset Hound, grew an extra heavy coat of fur this year. Now that it is finally warm he is shedding! I take him out and brush him occasionally and a 3 foot radius around where he was sitting looks like it snowed again! First Born sits and pulls chunks of hair out and leaves the tufts laying around. Whenever I see a tuft I call him and usually he answers that he didn't' pull that out, it came out of his own accord. Unfortunately, that is usually true. I keep hoping he will finally lose that winter coat, but no avail yet, maybe next month!

Boomer the Basset Hound knows when the weather is beautiful that it is dog walking weather. Last night he was so patient with us. Just as we were getting ready to walk him one of Hubby's scouts came over to try pants on so I hooked his leash to the truck hitch, there is no way to get him back in the house or backyard. Once we finally got going we talked to some neighbors for several minutes and he was pulling at his leash the whole time! I'm sure you all know what a Basset Hound looks like; big chests, short stubby legs, long floppy ears that blow in the wind, and sad eyes. Our dog can dig in with those short beefy front legs. In the past he has pulled Baby across the front lawn when chasing cats! That is his favorite past time (from the backyard) that keeps him feeling like a real wild African dog.

We love our Boomer and he loves the boys. Sometimes at night he will wander around the house and check on all the boys. Once Baby was in our bed and Boomer the Basset Hound got worried because he couldn't find him. We had to show him where the boy was sleeping and then he finally went to bed himself. We have been so lucky to get our dog. We got him from a rescue and we couldn't have found a sweeter dog anywhere!