Grant Wood

One of my favorite artists is Grant Wood. Can't be coincidence that he came from Iowa and I consider that I grew up there. I just love his paintings. I know he loves Iowa because he left to study painting and came back because there was so much to paint in this little state. One of my favorites is Stone City. This is just how Iowa looks to me. Rolling hills, Large trees, Stream & Rivers, White churches, Red barns, and farmland as far as the eye can see. I miss it so much at times it hurts. When I tell people I'm from Iowa most instantly respond with "Isn't it Flat there?" No, I respond. We have rolling hills and forests and squirrels and grass growing everywhere and rows of corn I never tired of watching as we drove down the highway. Utah is beautiful in a different sort of way and it took me forever to even think it wasn't ugly. But I have come to love Utah and our dry summers. I love how it cools off at night no matter how hot it got that day. I love that winter is warm and sunny 75% of the time. In Iowa if it gets above freezing in January and February it's a warm day! I love Utah's mountains and how cool it stays in the summer up there and how close they are to me. As much as I miss the trees and hills I love our bugless summers!

Here's another one for eye candy called Young Corn. I miss the rows and rows and rows of corn.

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