Quick way to Lose 5 Pounds

Sunday morning at 3:30 am I woke up puking and continued to puke every 15 fifteen minutes until about 7:30. I was still sick a few more times but was done by 9:00. I have never been so violently sick before! It was horrible. That morning I was only alert enough to do two things: to stagger into the bathroom and to tell my husband that he needed to let somebody at church know I wouldn't be there to teach my Sunday School class. Other than that I was in and out of consciousness until 2:30 when my stomach finally quit hurting. I was so dehydrated it hurt to look at a glass of water. I sipped it once I finally quit puking because I was so thirsty. I know the rule is no food or liquid until four to six hours after one is done puking but I couldn't wait! The water was Calypso and I, Odysseus. After my stomach quit hurting I was able to drink more water and drink I did!

My sister-in-law came over in the evening to check on me. We were all supposed to go to the amusement park the morning and she was wondering if I'd be able to go. I said I would since I had done nothing but sleep all day. I hadn't been able to stay awake for more than 15 minutes all day. Finally, that night I was able to eat a little dinner and then I knew I would be all right.

The next day I got up and stepped on the scale and I had lost 5 pounds!!! It was worth it after all! And then today, a day later, I was still 5 pounds down! I had decided I would start working hard to eat healthier this week and this was a great incentive!

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the HeartTongues said...

ugh. double ugh. don't know that it would be worth it to me. i hate throwing up with an INTENSE passion. hate it, hate it!! sounds like you might have had food poisoning...do you know? i get on the scale at my mtg. tonight; i'm kinda afraid. ...oh, i forgot to tell you...i think it's AWESOME that you have that 'kissed a girl' song on your blog. hee, hee. :) why did you move it to the second slot--scaring too many readers?? :)