I have two out of three boys gone for several days. First Born had a leadership camp for the Boy Scouts of America and Middle Child is off to a 5th grade camp that is put on by the school district every year. It has been so nice having one child and Baby is loving every minute of it!

First Born should be having a ball. He discovered at a meeting that he knows a few of the kids at camp from school and that helped relieve his reservations about going away for a week. He will be camping and learning survival skills and learn leadership skills and again camping, his favoritist part. He adapts well to new situations and gets along with most people and I know he is having a ball!

Middle Child is at camp with friends from school and should hopefully be having fun. I'm sure he is but he always worries us parents a little. Until recently he was not so much of a social bug. He was more happy to stay home and do stuff here. Grounding for him resulted in kicking him out of the house to go and play with friends. At first he considered it serious punishment but, of course, once he got playing with his friends he was happy.

It's amazing how different all children are. First Born is outgoing while Middle Child is much more reserved and Baby is a little of both, although once comfortable in a situation he can be a little too outgoing.

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