Destination Moab

One of our favorite places to visit is Moab, Utah. No, we don't mountain bike nor do we rock climb. We don't even go jeeping! I know that is a sin, when in Rome and all. In my defense I did get a ride on the Lion's Back once. We do have an in with the police there and can go speeding down Main St! hee hee Hubby's bro is a cop in town and when First Born needed stitches (stitches are about 2/3 the price in a small town compared to a larger town) he got to go in a police car with the bright lights and sirens slicing through the night. Talk about loving to get hurt! We love going to Moab because it is such a cute town. It is beautiful with all the green in town and the contrasting red rocks and cliffs all around. And Main St. is so cute with all the little shops and old buildings. We love to go to Arches National Park and see all the Arches, hence the name. It is also a stopping off place to several Native American sites such as Hovenweep and Mesa Verde.

Last time we went on the Negro Bill Canyon hike pictured here. It was the most beautiful hike I have ever been on. It was a hike I would actually do again. I like hiking but I am no adventurous outdoorsman and usually once I have completed a hike I consider it DONE and can chalk it up. Then I'm onto the next hike and I rarely look back. But this one was so much fun. It was shady and cool with a stream down the middle. After we had been going for quite a while my Sis-in-Law asked someone how much farther. They said half hour and then looked at her flip flops and made some snotty remark about "Well, those are the wrong shoes." Super Hiker had on tennis shoes and probably had to pick her way through the river, actually stream, we kept criss crossing, our favoritist part of the hike. It was cool and clear and so delicious to walk through in the pre-summer heat of the day. We, in our tevas, were able to walk through the stream and not worry about wet feet since sandaled feet dry immediately.

Another half hour passed and we asked someone else how much farther and they also told us half hour. We laughed and I remarked since they also had kids they were probably traveling at our speed, not the speed of the super hiker with real shoes that kept her feet dry and hot. When we finally reached the end it was such a little trickle that turned into a stream that we were amazed! The kids got to play for an hour in the pond and mud and couldn't be happier. On our way back I laughed at how we started late and hiked in as all the morning hikers were leaving and on our way out encountered all the evening hikers on their way in!

Of course Boomer the Basset Hound went with us. He was so cute with his long muddy ears. He was glad to get back to eat and sleep in the shade.

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the HeartTongues said...

OK, sign me up...when can we go???? :) I've never been to Moab or Arches but I have always been interested in going and the hike you linked to/talked about sounds quite appealing. (My parents just went down there for their first time a couple of months ago and I was intrigued by my mom's tales too.) Peter's never been either, so maybe I can talk to him about a summer trip down yonder. Do y'all usually camp?