Our 4th Child

I have neglected to tell many people that we actually have 4 children, not three. Luckily I did not have to endure the nine month preganancy, nor sleepless nights afterwards. And this 4th child doesn't need diaper changes or bottle-feedings and coddling, granted Baby gives him enough of that. Our 4th child's name is Froggy. He was born the same day as Baby. He was a gift from his Aunt & Uncle and has become part of the family. He goes on vacation with us. He sleeps with Baby every night. We have gone on several Search & Rescue Missions to recover Froggy from dangerous field ops where his partner forgot to extract him.

Our favorite Search & Rescue Mission took place in Boise after Thanksgiving. We were trying to go home. One of my younger sisters calls to tell me she's in labor. "Congratulations! -pause- Have you seen Froggy, was he left at your house last night?" No. Off to downtown Boise and dumpster diving with the best of the homeless. Rechecking restaurants and parking garages. Finally, in the kid playground I walked in "Have you seen a used green . . . There he is! Thank you so MUCH! Where did you find him?" In the parking lot. Obviously some mother saw him and knew how much he would be missed and brought him back in to the lost and found. That or else she was so disgusted by him she didn't want her kid touching him. Whatever the reason thank you wherever you are!

After our most recent Search & Rescue Mission we decided Baby is too old to be carrying Froggy everywhere and we are tired of looking for him with the sick feeling every parent has when a child is lost. He has been relegated to the China Cabinet next to my Bear, who was loved just as much as Froggy.


mommybake said...

When did this happen? Froggy is now in 'CHINA' with your bear:) How is baby doing? Suzanne

Donna said...

Just two days ago. altho he is already out and strictly grounded to the bedroom.