New Purses

This weekend I found a cute purse online and thought to myself "I can sew that." I couldn't see everything about the purse, just the basic shape. So I went with the shape and made my own pattern. I had already bought some brown and green material that I really liked and thought this would be perfect for my purse. So I got it all out, cut out the material, and started sewing. Several hours later I had this purse. It turned out really cute! I decided that I wanted to make another one that was longer and thinner. So I made another pattern before I went to bed. I didn't get around to it the next few days, busy with Father's Day and allergies and that good stuff, but today I sewed the new pattern up and loved it!

I got some cute muted colors for the outside and a bright pink with darker pink tulips and vines for the lining. It was so fun to make! My Mom loves tulips so I decided to give it to her. I thought it just turned out adorable. I was worried the bright pink would be too crazy for the soft blue and greens but it brightened it up just right. It's fun playing around and making these fun things! I love it!

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