June Woes

Today is June 5th. The temperature outside is 52 F. No, I am not Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. I live in Utah and in the valley, not up high in the mountains. I want to know what happened to the promise of global warming? After a cold rainy fall, a miserably cold and extra snowy winter, and now a cold rainy spring, I want to know what all the doomsayers have to say about this global warming effect. It has been cold and miserable for 75% of the past eight months and I have to say they are wrong. I was on the cusp of believing in global warming but after the last eight months I have swayed the other direction. I am beginning to believe in global cooling. I know, I am in the minority, but I rarely believe in what the media hypes. It's one of my quirks and my friends have come to adore/detest it, I'm not sure which. Currently, the global warming fanatics are at the top of my angry list. I was looking forward to some global warming after this winter and they haven't come through.

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