BBQ in California

This weekend Hubby & I flew out to California for a BBQ. Kind of far? But it was so fun! I got to see my Aunts & Uncles and Grandparents whom I hadn't seen for almost eight years. I also got to see some of my cousins who all grew up! I knew I was getting older but they did too.

The first time Hubby met my Aunts he was floored. He had met all of the rest of my family and just hadn't been able to figure where I fit in. Some of my sisters sound like my Mom and some of them look like younger versions of her. He just hadn't been able to find my fit yet. Then he met my Aunts. I am a McLean through and through. He was just in awe the whole time how much I looked and acted like them. This trip proved even more enlightening about how much of a McLean I really am, more posts later! I promise.

We flew into CA around 11am and Sister Sally, also visiting, picked us up at the airport and proceeded to drive us to Modesto where almost all my family live. We were crazy thirsty and decided to stop at Target cuz sunglasses and snacks were also needed. Dad called while we were in Target and I assured him we were almost done. Then he called again to check on us again. The next time he called I just ignored it. A minute later Hubby calls from the backseat "Oh, you ignored him. I got him now!" (We love you Dad and all your idiosyncrasies!) So hubby talked to him. Of course Dad started giving us directions but we placated him with the GPS. He loves that thing, I would much rather look at the Atlas. I love maps. One year for Mothers Day I got a globe. That was a really cool present for me! Since we were cursing the GPS and its "Bear Right" when in reality it was a freeway exit or an actual turn, I remembered the Atlas and pulled it out. We all laughed cuz Sister Sally would much rather use that too! We finally got to Aunt Jeri's farm and got to admire her gorgeous new house. My Aunts are all so crafty and decorative. The house was beautiful in every regard. And the farm was as lovely as I remember. I love the country.

Don't I have the cutest grandparents? This is a picture of my Grandpa McLean and Grandma Ruby.

This whirlwind trip's main purpose was to purchase my Grandpa's car. We already have a 13-year-old Saturn and now we have an 11-year-old Saturn. The New Old Car is almost like new. I am very lucky. I am also very glad to quit driving the Truck everywhere and forking out a fortune every time I fill that tank up.

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