What Happens When Mom is Sick

Mounted Antelope Head
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While I was sick on Sunday my husband got an important and long-awaited call from his taxidermist. YES, the antelope he shot back in October was finally finished and ready to be picked up! He woke me from my dream-deprived, fevered, sleep to let me know he wanted to pick it up. On my way to bed later he said "Why don't you check on. . ." to which I replied "I'm not going downstairs to check on the kids' rooms." (Yes, my parents were due in town the next day and I wasn't alive enough to clean house.) "No, no, don't waste your energy on that, check the computer room." Lo, and Behold, On the Wall. Antelope face and marble eyes staring and bringing some ancient curse according to Baby. "Will it make you feel better if you know they're not real eyes, but only painted marbles?" "Yes, Daddy. Can Froggy sit on him?" On my sickness-induced sleepwalk to the bedroom I said "Looks great, centered and all." And then I fell into bed and went to sleep. Boomer the Basset Hound has not liked the addition to the family and barks nonstop at him till the door shuts. I'll let you know the new addition's name after the naming ceremony.


the HeartTongues said...

perhaps we will never totally fit in here...Peter has no interest whatsoever in hunting and i wouldn't be caught dead with something like that on a wall in my home! :) so, congrats--i guess????

Donna said...

Yeah, congrats is in order for me to allow it on my wall. Like I sad: What happens when Mom is sick. . . and has no control whatsoever!