Boomer the Basset Hound

The hair is flying everywhere! We had a horribly cold winter, kind of like a normal Iowa winter, that is where I grew up. Our dog, Boomer the Basset Hound, grew an extra heavy coat of fur this year. Now that it is finally warm he is shedding! I take him out and brush him occasionally and a 3 foot radius around where he was sitting looks like it snowed again! First Born sits and pulls chunks of hair out and leaves the tufts laying around. Whenever I see a tuft I call him and usually he answers that he didn't' pull that out, it came out of his own accord. Unfortunately, that is usually true. I keep hoping he will finally lose that winter coat, but no avail yet, maybe next month!

Boomer the Basset Hound knows when the weather is beautiful that it is dog walking weather. Last night he was so patient with us. Just as we were getting ready to walk him one of Hubby's scouts came over to try pants on so I hooked his leash to the truck hitch, there is no way to get him back in the house or backyard. Once we finally got going we talked to some neighbors for several minutes and he was pulling at his leash the whole time! I'm sure you all know what a Basset Hound looks like; big chests, short stubby legs, long floppy ears that blow in the wind, and sad eyes. Our dog can dig in with those short beefy front legs. In the past he has pulled Baby across the front lawn when chasing cats! That is his favorite past time (from the backyard) that keeps him feeling like a real wild African dog.

We love our Boomer and he loves the boys. Sometimes at night he will wander around the house and check on all the boys. Once Baby was in our bed and Boomer the Basset Hound got worried because he couldn't find him. We had to show him where the boy was sleeping and then he finally went to bed himself. We have been so lucky to get our dog. We got him from a rescue and we couldn't have found a sweeter dog anywhere!

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