Murder Campout

My husband is Scoutmaster for the 12-13 year old boys in our neighborhood. He is perfect for the job. He loves Scouts, camping, and all things outdoors. This last winter he took the boys camping near our house in the mountains. I think they're a little crazy. Camping in snow? There's a nice warm bed at home, 15 minutes away! But the boys dig it and can't get enough. As if once a month isn't enough for anyone! This time they left, camped, cooked food, made ice cream in their new ice cream ball bought for $1 at an estate sale, and went to bed early since they were cold. About 1am my husband was woken up by a commotion outside. Peeking his head out of the tent, and only his head since it was cold, he saw some sheriffs. He decided he better check out why they were visiting his camp. Since he was already dressed, I've learned you sleep in your clothes on winter camps, he hopped out and asked what brought on this nocturnal visit. "We want to let you know we're searching for a murder suspect and think he's tromping around the mountains here." Well, that's enough to wake anyone up! His description? "He's in his 40's and carrying a briefcase." By this time all the boys were awake and some were starting to get a little worried. They heard helicopters buzzing overhead and saw spotlights on the surrounding mountains. Sheriffs - "Have you got a gun?" Silly question if you know my husband - "Yes." Sheriffs - "Load it."

At first my husband thought about putting everyone back to bed and then he started thinking. Chances are pretty slim of actually running into this guy, but these aren't his kids. So he woke the other adult who had slept through everything, sounds like me, and packed up camp. At 3am Baby woke me to tell me the exciting news! Yes, Baby thinks he's a Scout and goes on most camps.

One of the boys said the moral to this story was "Bring a gun."


the HeartTongues said...

craziness! you'll have to tell me where he was; Peter would want to know. :) and when did this happen?

Donna said...

Several months ago there were some murders in Mt Pleasant? area and the murderer turned himself in up in Oregon a day or two after camp, so he wasn't by my boys, but the police didn't know where he was at the time.