Baby & the Car Seat

Lately Baby has been acting a little weird. And it's getting worse over time. It started with him liking to wash his hands when he was dirty. That didn't happen with either of the other two children. Then it progressed to washing hands before he ate without nagging from me. The other day as I changed a diaper he reminded me to wash my hands after changing dirty diapers. I informed him that I wash my hands after changing any diaper. He randomly asks for baths because he's "Dirty." He has absolutely no problem getting dirty, he does it every day! And it's not like he always tries to get clean. He randomly asks for baths and reminds us all of handwashing. Just a few days ago he came in crying and claiming Middle Child had touched his cereal without washing his hands. In order to console him I let him know that Middle Child had just taken a shower, so he was super clean. Today when I made him a sandwich he asked if I had washed my hands as I handed him the plate! I have two older boys, but neither have ever showed any interest in being clean. It's a constant battle to get them to wash their faces, hands, and hair! This is rather odd behavior at my house. I'm used to being the only one that likes to be clean.

His newest obsession is the car seat. A law was recently passed requiring children to be in car seats until age 8 or 80 pounds. Baby has been out of the car seat for over two years. Now he is counting down the days till his eighth birthday. He had a conversation with my friend when he caught a ride with her and her kids. He reminded her that her little boy had to be in a car seat for four more years! And he checked on the ages of the other children to make sure they were old enough. He is constantly reminding me that his cousin who barely turned seven doesn't ride in her car seat. He reminds me for her safety, not because he is trying to squirm out of sitting in his car seat. He is not shirking his duty and will sit in his car seat until he turns eight! He will not break the law!

All this worrying makes me worried. I've never had a kid so worried about others, rules, and cleanliness. It's kind of cute and I hope it doesn't become too much of an obsession!

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