Signs of Spring

After the long hard winter I'm always happy for these first signs of spring.

Pretty purple crocuses.

And yellow and white ones.

And red tulips getting ready to bloom.

And noxious weeds poking out from under rocks.


The Project

Tonight at approximately 7pm I remembered Baby had a Book Report due in the morning. I called him home. I asked what he was supposed to do for the Book Report. He couldn't remember. I texted my friend. Her son couldn't remember even though he had already turned his in. I finally emailed the teacher, hoping in desperation she would check her email tonight. And she did! She informed us that he was supposed to make a milk or juice jug into an animal from a book he read this month. We racked our brains. He's been reading Hardy Boys. Not a whole lot of animals in those books. We thought some more. And then I saw the Calvin and Hobbes books on his bedroom floor.

"Why don't you make Hobbes!"

Since we didn't have any better ideas we went with it. Hopefully his teacher will be understanding.

Hopefully she'll be very very understanding.


Visions of Sugar Plums

Today I succumbed. To the local version of Groupon or SocialLiving or some other "Daily Deals" special. I relented and got the kids and Olaf the "Mother of All Passes!" It entitles them to unlimited entry to the local Mini Amusement park, you know the kind that every decent sized town has. It also gives them entry into the local Water Park. The kicker was the food discount at the Water Park, 3%.

The kids have visions. Visions of living in their swimsuits this summer. Visions of going to work with Olaf and then when the Water Park opens at 11am he can run them over to swim. We mentioned that our friends have the pass. But they don't have to get the Season Parking Pass because the grandparents live right next door. Baby's eyes got dreamy.

"Do they just stay at their grandparents in the summer?"