Signs of Spring

After the long hard winter I'm always happy for these first signs of spring.

Pretty purple crocuses.

And yellow and white ones.

And red tulips getting ready to bloom.

And noxious weeds poking out from under rocks.


Krissie said...

I love the start of spring with all the new flowers budding and all the leaves coming out!

Lonita said...

Gorgeous flowers! We haven't made quite as much progress here towards spring (woke up to snow twice this week), but it's good to know it's coming!

denverallens said...

We've got NO flowers yet, but I'm hopeful!

Urban Parks said...

We've passed spring and are on our way to summer. Three 80 plus days in a row before it cools off this weekend. But we love it.

sally said...

A lot of my daffodils are blooming and it is beautiful. I couldn't find any crocuses last fall to plant. I love them and your flowers. I also have weeds beginning to grow. Uhg