Visions of Sugar Plums

Today I succumbed. To the local version of Groupon or SocialLiving or some other "Daily Deals" special. I relented and got the kids and Olaf the "Mother of All Passes!" It entitles them to unlimited entry to the local Mini Amusement park, you know the kind that every decent sized town has. It also gives them entry into the local Water Park. The kicker was the food discount at the Water Park, 3%.

The kids have visions. Visions of living in their swimsuits this summer. Visions of going to work with Olaf and then when the Water Park opens at 11am he can run them over to swim. We mentioned that our friends have the pass. But they don't have to get the Season Parking Pass because the grandparents live right next door. Baby's eyes got dreamy.

"Do they just stay at their grandparents in the summer?"


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I love it!!! You are QUEEN!!!

Potter Family said...

James is at the lehi Trafalga just about every Saturday. he loves it.

sally said...

That is just so sweet. Plus with that 3% discount at the park for food I bet the food won't be too expensive to buy this summer! I just love hearing your kids talk. Maybe when we come I'll make sure not to get sun poisoning at the pool!

2emeraldeyes said...

Wow thanks for sharing this, I've called it the land of misfit signs! They all just seem like they're waiting for someone to take them home.. kind of ashame to me, they're so very cool! I'm just glad they all have a place to ”Hang out together" ;D