Bright Lights

My Mom and I and Baby had some free time one afternoon while the other boys were doing some other things. We decided to take advantage of this time and go in search of the Neon Sign Boneyard. It took us a while to find it and most people didn't really know it existed and weren't much help. But we were diligent and found it. We had to go to the end of Fremont Street. We were looking for an actual old yard with signs littered all over the ground. But we found this instead. Signs hanging all over an abandoned mall. The recession has not been kind to this town.

Some signs were in great shape.

Some were fun and fast.

Others reminded you of a more glamorous time.

And some were worse for wear.

And my Mom remarked that almost every town had a Strand theater at some time or other.

And I loved the action in this sign.

I don't know what restaurant this boy was above but he would kind of scare me away.

I think this was a precursor to Coyote Ugly.

Trader Bills just sounds like Old Las Vegas.

Here's a buff milkman going about his morning run.

I'm assuming this was before the days of central heating. I don't know what Steamed Heat is but it doesn't sound real comfortable. But it's better than being cold.

This guy was watching over an intersection. At this point we left Fremont St. Tourist Area and headed onto Fremont St. Local Area. Much more colorful, abandoned, sketchy, and shady. We didn't go far.

But these old signs were to awesome to miss.

More dancing girls. I think they were a theme in Vegas from the start.

And drinks of course.

Aladdins Lamp was from the early 60's. Next time I'll go back at night and hopefully it'll be lit up like a candle.

That night we were watching TV and we saw one of the local newscaster's walking amongst a bunch of old signs in a big yard and we both jumped. "That's what we were really looking for! Where is that?" Of course the commercial was over and we had no idea.

Until the next day. We accidentally drove by this area of town. First we saw this old slipper and stopped to take a picture. And when I turned around. . .

The Real Boneyard!

It's only open by appointment. But I can hardly wait for our next trip!


Lonita said...

Very cool - love all the signs. Will definitely need to check it out the next time we hit Vegas!

denverallens said...

Awesome! I'm totally making an appointment next time I go!

sally said...

Yeah the boneyard is right by the kid's museum. Where did you see all those great signs at? We don't usually get to do things like that with little kids.

Donna said...

The outdoor signs are actually on Fremont St. and you can just walk around and see them. You could totally drag the kids and there's a Krispy Kreme on the next block of Fremont St., treats when it's over!

2emeraldeyes said...

Wow thanks for sharing this! I call this the island of misfit signs. It seems like they're waiting for someone to come along and give them a home. These are so cool it's kind of ashame, though I'm glad they all have a place to "hang out together” xD haj

2emeraldeyes said...

My tablet's skipping like a jackrabbit tonight...My last message was supposed to end with a simple Ha! Just want to make that clear. ;)