Leftover Valentines

Last weekend we went to Vegas for the Holiday. What Holiday? you're wondering. President's Day! One evening we were walking around the Bellagio hotel. They always have such beautiful garden displays there. And then we wandered around the nearby stores.

And guess what?!? There were Leftover Valentine treats! These were so cute! I just couldn't stop myself, especially at half off.

As you can see they are miniature cupcakes that are actually Chocolate Truffles. So fun to eat! If you're willing to wait and celebrate things a little later you can get a great deal on awesome stuff. Maybe I'll tell my kids they just discovered Jesus was born after December 25th so Christmas got moved.


sally said...

I want those truffle cupcakes.

Lonita said...

Those would be hard to resist, even at full price!

quilts and quirks said...

These cupcakes look wonderful and they tasted mighty fine. I could eat a few more.