Door Bell Ditching

Calvin started a time-old tradition that would probably get him arrested in any town larger than ours. Door Bell Ditching. Now Baby likes to do it too. He did learn from the Master. My neighbor told me this story about him from a couple years ago.

One day her and her husband were home without any kids. Pretty soon the doorbell rang and then she heard someone running across the front porch and away from the door.

"Hey, you gonna get that?" her husband asked from the other room.

"No, it's just Baby doorbell ditching."

Two minutes later the doorbell rang again and once again she heard footsteps running across the front porch, away from the house. Again she ignored the door.

And then a third time the doorbell rang and more footsteps away from the house.

Then a couple minutes later the phone rang. She answered.

"Hi. This is Mary (not her real name) and I'm trying to ask your son to the Girl's Choice Dance. Will you please answer the door?!?"


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is so funny!! I hadn't heard that one!!

Lonita said...

Ah, the hazards of the "boy that cried wolf" :-). Boys certainly have their own ides of fun!

Urban Parks said...

You have got to love a neighborhood reputation and great neighbors.

denverallens said...

You're right, he would have been arrested here! Unfortunately I know.

sally said...

That is too funny they thought it was baby.