Some Reasons

There are a few reasons why I love my Baby. Even though he isn't a Baby anymore. On Sunday he got home from Church and decided his room needed to be cleaned. So he cleaned it all by himself. And then he made his bed. And then he climbed on it and demanded I take a picture of Him and his Lovies on his Made Bed.

And then when I hadn't taken enough pictures he decided to snap a few Self-Portraits of him and his Lovies.

And then last night, his Birthday, I walked into my room. Apparently he felt having a Birthday allowed him to sleep wherever he wanted.

And he was so sweet looking in bed with Froggy.

He melts my heart.


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

He is a cutie!! I was sewing the other day and Danny came up and told me that I should make something for Big Cole!!

sally said...

There's just something about the baby of the family. Plus there's just something about boys and their Moms. He is so cute, I adore that he wanted to take more photos with him and his lovies.

denverallens said...

He is a cutie! I love the baby, there's something about Krissie I just can't get enough of, the same with Sydney, and we all love Cole. I'm pretty sure Hattie with be the cutest Bake yet. Babies are absolutely the best. Just don't tell the other kids!

Marti said...

He'll always be your baby....no matter how old he is...or how much bigger he is than you!