My children are all different. Wonderfully different. This last weekend we went to the Bellagio and took in the Chinese New Year gardens. Afterwards we strolled around the stores. That's where I found these delectable things.

They were so yummy and delicious and scrumptious. We also wandered into the Garden Store of the Bellagio. They sell stuff related to the big garden display. Olaf instantly found something he wanted.

He begged and pleaded and I gave in. He loves Terra Cotta Warriors. But so do I. So it wasn't a lot of pleading. And when the saleslady told him they were half off, we were sold. Baby saw what he had and wanted some too. So off they went. When they came back and Middle Child saw that Baby had bought something he had to buy something too. He said he wanted some Warriors also, until he got into the shop and saw some other items available for purchase, half off. Apparently it's The Year of the Rabbit.

Our Bling Bling Child had to have the sparkly thing. We joke that he's like a crow. They love shiny things and bring them home to incorporate into their nests. His bedroom shines, and not from cleanliness.

These rabbits were so bright and shiny that it's hard to tell what they look like.

And speaking of Bright and Shiny things, I was on a quest to find the Neon Signs Boneyard. I'll tell you about that in another post because it's pretty cool.

But I was on a mission to find some new things in Vegas. So I found some Old Things that were really cool. Like an old Las Vegas Grammar School, Mission Style. hee hee

It's across from some new-fangled really cool building so my Dad had never noticed it before. But we got out and took pictures because it is so beautiful.

It's been restored and while I don't know what is in it right now, it apparently has some mission-type services in it because the park outside was full of homeless people. Or Hobos as Baby calls them.

This is only about a tenth of how many people were there. I kept shushing Baby as he would use the word Hobos. I don't know if that's politically correct or anything, but I didn't think they would like it and I didn't want to start a fight with a homeless person cuz we know I wouldn't win, I don't have a clue as to how to fight properly, or even how to fight dirty. I missed out on that training.

Here's my Mom and Baby underneath the arches to the largest part of the structure, probably an old gym.

I was excited to find this neat building. Supposedly somewhere around this area are some old railroad homes. Next time I'm finding those. Watch for my upcoming post about Neon Signs. They were cool. Although not as plentiful as expected, because it is Vegas and that's the one and only thing I remember about Vegas as a child, the Bright Lights.


Lonita said...

So funny that Clayton is all about the bling - those rabbits definitely qualify!

quilts and quirks said...

What a wonderful time we had seeing old town looking for the neon sign boneyard. We just took our time and this and other adventures. Loved it.

sally said...

I forgot to ask Clayton to see his bunnies. They sound awesome. I have the same problem as he does.

sally said...

I forgot to ask Clayton to see his bunnies. They sound awesome. I have the same problem as he does.