Good News Minute

It's Friday! I have made it through another week again! Sometimes on Tuesday or Wednesday I just don't know if I can make it or not. At my church we have a Good News Minute at the beginning of the women's meeting every Sunday. We have a lot of older women who are always announcing Weddings, Baby Births, Mission Calls, College Graduations, Children getting off Drugs, etc. Every time I'm in there I want to raise my hand and say "I made it through Another Week!" I just know that after the chuckles I would get those looks afterwards, Why is it so hard to get through a week? A lot of these older ladies have forgotten how hard it is to raise kids and occasionally make comments as the few children we do have run through the halls; I can't really blame them, they just sat for three hours!

For this week my Good News Minute includes making two purses; a couple zipper pouches; buying plane tickets to California for my Hubby & I to go and pick up an old car we just bought from my Grandpa; surviving daycare kids and my own two children not at camp; not cooking one real meal since Hubby and First Born are camping and are the only ones who really eat my food; making it to both Baseball games for Baby; Letting Middle Child play with lots of friends; getting a second job interview at the same place; and getting a decent amount of sleep. Hope your week was good too!

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JoAnn said...

Oh Donna, That was a good week. When Dad left, we had hot dogs, tacos, or just peanut butter sandwiches. And I felt good that they were fed.