Many of you know that I graduated from college recently. I had a friend who also graduated several years ago after she had children. She talks about how she can still feel the relief of not being in school. I remember thinking during school that it wasn't such a big deal, it didn't take up much of my time, and I wouldn't feel much different. Now that I've been out over a month I can't believe how much time I have now.

I am still busy in the evening with Baby in baseball, husband and two older children in scouts, and other miscellaneous activities. But I can not believe how much time has been freed up without worrying about homework, mulling over homework, dreading doing homework, procrastinating homework, doing anything but homework, and finally doing homework! The first week out of school I was cleaning and getting ready for a grad party. Every time I turned around I thought I should be doing homework and then realized I didn't have to worry about that anymore! It was so liberating! Now that several weeks have passed my house isn't as clean as it was before because it's not fun to clean when it's in lieu of homework. I find that ironic. Granted there were weeks during school when I had big projects or loads of homework and housework was forgotten, but usually it got done pretty well. Now it's not done much at all. But I have been replacing homework with sewing. I have rediscovered sewing and am having a blast trying new things out all the time! And that is much more fun than cleaning. I won't be cleaning in lieu of sewing!

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