Brown pouch I made all by myself

Brown pouch
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I think this is my favorite cosmetic pouch that I've made so far. I just love the fabric colors and design and the inside has this matching green kind of crazy lining that is just fun. It was my first attempt at a pleat and I thought it turned out looking good. I was pleasantly pleased with this pouch!

I have recently been sewing things. I started with baby items, bibs and onesies, but have branched out from there. I started making zippered pouches and have had so much fun. I think I like making pouches even more than baby stuff! Now I just need to learn how to make more tote and bags to go with the pouches.

I have always enjoyed sewing but haven't done much with it for probably 15+ years and now I have found fun things I can sew quickly. Since I don't know what to do with all this fun stuff I sew I set up an etsy.com shop, 3 C's Creations, named after the boys of course. Although I've only sold one thing to my sister it's been fun sewing and maybe one day people will discover my shop and I'll have an excuse to sew even more.

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