I recently had a friend ask "Why did 'I Kissed A Girl' get moved down to slot number two on my playlist? Honestly it was technical difficulties. But I had been thinking about my parents and how they probably didn't want to hear that song. I can see my Mom raising her eyebrows and giving the computer that Look that she gave me when she caught me in miniskirts in High School. I can hear my Dad saying "What is wrong with that girl? Didn't we teach her better?"

It did remind me of the time in High School when I left the song by George Michael 'I Want Your Sex' in the tape player (I'm old!) of the station wagon (and sooo cool). My Dad brought it in after him and my Mom had been out and I knew immediately what was wrong. He was carrying the tape and I thought "Crap, I left that tape in the car!" I had never meant for them to find it in the first place. He said "I don't approve of this song." Yeah, I already knew that! "I really think you should throw this tape away." You just don't argue with my Dad when you're the young, irresponsible, misguided teenager. I said "You're right, I'll do that." So, I did what every good teenage girl would do. I hid the tape in my bedroom and was much, much more careful about what music I left laying around.

Oldest Child also likes the song I Kissed A Girl. My husband tried to hide it from him. I'm not sure how he thought that was possible. I have had several conversations with my son about how music does not define who you are or what you do and if it does, then that is a problem. Last winter he told me he erased a song from his ipod. I asked him why and he told me a friend told him it was a bad song. That really irritated me because he should think for himself. Because we live in Utah with all our fellow Mormons I am really stressing to my children that they need to make decisions for themself and to not just follow the religious crowd, they are not always right. I probed a little further to find out the real reason. He finally admitted he didn't like the song. I told him that was a perfectly good reason for deleting a song but he shouldn't let others judge his music. He also then said it was about sex. I laughed out loud! I told him that Rock 'n Roll music is about Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll! That was when we had our first discussion about music. We've had several since then and as long as he is not afraid to share his music with me I am not too worried about him.

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denverallens said...

What ever happened to "Papa Don't Preach"? You should add that song!