Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle-K

Well, maybe not the Circle-K, but definitely at 7-11.

The other day on my drive home I saw a billboard announcing the Cowboys and Aliens cups at 7-11.

I called Sister-in-Law Nurse.

"Did you see the billboard? We are going to 7-11."

So for the first time ever I went to 7-11 of my own free will and accord.

Only 18 more days!


Lonita said...

Nice cups! :-) Behold the power of marketing!

sally said...

Jay wants to know if you're going to collect all the cups.

denverallens said...

Oh Sally, she already has them all! I got Paul Frank cups at Wahoo's. I love 7-11. Why wouldn't you go there of your own free will?

Donna said...

Their Diet Coke is usually mixed slightly on the weak side. Forgivable when you can put it in Daniel Craig cups.

denverallens said...

Yep, you've got to get the right mix on the diet coke or it's just not right! I now understand!