Last week was a good week. I got to have lunch with several friends three days in a row. It was awesome.

On the first day Baby came home from school early because he wasn't feeling good. I set him up in front of the TV with a drink and told him I'd be back in a few hours. Don't worry, he knows my cell number and could call me if he needed something.

The next day he still wasn't feeling good so the rest of the family met our friends and had a long leisurely lunch. When we got home his food was stone cold. Should've thought of that and ordered before we left, but who wants to stand in line twice?

On Saturday when I was taking him home from his basketball game I told him I was having lunch with another friend and that I'd be back in a few hours, again.

"Mom, we're not French! They may have several courses for their meals, but we don't. Why does it take you so long to have lunch?"

I laughed and laughed. 

Another day we were talking about who knows what, but apparently adulthood because I said, "It really sucks to be an adult sometimes."

We both sighed. And then I said, "Cuz you have to pay bills."

And he replied, "And you're not light and stealthy on your feet like a kid. Unless you train like a Ninja!"

Sometimes the children are priceless.


Jeni Allen said...

It is a bummer that we're not light and stealthy unless we train like a Ninja...

Urban Parks said...

There's nothing like talking to your youngest child. They are full of great wisdom.

Lonita said...

What about your roller derby training? I'd say you'd be pretty stealthy and light on your feet gliding up behind someone on your skates - who needs Ninjas!

Idaho Bake Family said...

That is so cute!!