All Alone

Right before Thanksgiving I had the chance to go to DC. Olaf had a conference so the hotel was free! So I went. I got there late Thursday night. Caught a cab to our hotel all by myself (this is the theme of this vacation). Met Olaf who had come out a day earlier.

The next morning he had meetings. I laid in the nice, soft heavenly, hotel bed for a while longer. It was so nice and soft. Then I finally got up and got ready. Then I headed down to the Metro all by myself. I was a little nervous cuz I hadn't ridden the Metro by myself before, or any subway for that matter. But I managed! It wasn't so hard.

I got off at the stop that I thought would put me close to the National Mall. I got out, rode the escalator up, and walked out onto the street. All I could see were big buildings. All around me. Where was the Mall? I got a little panicky. But calm prevailed. I eavesdropped and listened to where other people were going. It was late enough in the day that almost everyone was a tourist also. So I started following some of the others, they seemed to know where they were going. After walking half a block I happened to look up and saw the Washington Monument peeking over the buildings. Whew! I was going the right direction!

I had all Friday to myself! I walked all over the Mall. I visited all the outside monuments. I visited some of the smaller, less famous museums, mainly because no one was there to tell me they didn't want to go there! It was such a fun day!

There were a lot of runners out on the Mall. They were serious! They were running fast. They were timing themselves. There's a lot of in-shape people in DC. One silver-haired guy was nice enough to stop and offer to take my picture. Unfortunately he didn't got my awesome boots. The boots I bought the week before. The boots that I had only worn once before. The boots that gave the bottom of my toes and heels blisters. Sometimes, and only sometimes, (thank goodness) I'm very impractical.

The whole day through I couldn't help but laugh at myself since I was all by myself and loving it. I kept thinking of the movie Date Night where the Tina Fey character tells her husband she would never leave him for another man, but sometimes she dreams of being by herself. I think it's every Mom's dream.


Lonita said...

Sounds like an awesome time. Sometimes it's really fun just to have the whole day to yourself and do whatever you want - and no differing opinions to accommodate!

Urban Parks said...

I can't believe you didn't pay attention to where to get off the Metro when I took you - of course you were only 15, so that might be the reason. I love Washington, D.C.

denverallens said...

I think that sounds like an absolutely perfect day!!! I would love to just spend the day all by myself sightseeing. I'm glad you got to see all the things you wanted to! Love you!

Marti said...

Oh Donna...I know that feeling! When the kids were younger I used to go to the mall - all by myself. I didn't buy anything except a pretzel and soda. It's really all we could afford. What I did buy myself was time alone. Even though it's just Don and I at home now I still thrive on my time alone. You know...this is something that Grandma Jean loved as well. We are definitely cut from the same cloth! Love you!

sally said...

I know what you mean Donna. Even though Suzanne and I have the city of Dallas at our fingertips our most favorite activity was to sit and read in silence! It was the most wonderful time I've had in a long time.