Happy Birthday

Dear Calvin,

Happy Birthday! I'd send you a card but the Post Office doesn't deliver to Heaven, so I'll be wishing you a Happy Birthday in my prayers tonight.

Your birthdays are always fun. You and your friends always laughed and goofed around and had a good time. I remember the Bowling party where thankfully no one was hit with a ball. That was back when we still had an old-fashioned bowling alley in town. I miss the bowling alley, but not as much as you.

I miss that you aren't driving our car around. You should have gotten your learner's permit this last year and driven me to the store and back again. You could have even helped drive us to Disneyland.

I hope up in Heaven they are throwing you a great party. With a big cake. A humongous piƱata full of candy that you crack wide open on the first try. Maybe you'll even get to play miniature golf or go bowling. And eat some pizza when you're done. I know you've made lots of friends and I hope you are all having a wonderful birthday.

We're celebrating here too. It's a tradition and just because you're not here doesn't mean we can't celebrate too. Then we'll be off to get some presents for those less fortunate. We can't give you any presents and you liked it when we did that for others, so it's our tradition to do that on your birthday. We do it to help remember your kind and giving spirit.

Happy 16th Birthday Son! I Love you and Miss you!


sally said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! I wish he was here too, especially making you nervous while he's driving and you just have to sit in the passenger seat! I know I freaked Mom quite a few times when I was learning to drive.

Urban Parks said...

Happy Birthday grandson number 1. We all miss you so much, but when we are at the Temple we sometimes feel you there with us. We love you and know that you are about the Lord's work now and will be until we all arrive to help you. You are an inspiration for all of us. Thanks you for being an example to all of us.

Lonita said...

Happy birthday, Calvin! That's an awesome way to celebrate his birthday. Wonder what kind of cool car he's driving around in heaven...bet birthday parties there are amazing.

Kadee said...

Saying that almost made me cry! I love your family and I wish the best for you guys. I know I miss Calvin and I wish he was here to finally be 16 with the rest of us. But we think about him every day and I know I was lucky enough to be his friend. Love you Donna.
Happy Birthday Calvin!!!

Krissie said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! I'm with Lonita, I bet u r driving an awesome vehicle, probably anything better then what we have! We have been missing u & I have been thinking lots about u these past couple of weeks. We love u tons!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! Sure miss you - and Donna - I loved the letter!