Calvin's Plaque

This week Olaf had a plaque made to put on Calvin's grave. He then had his friend weld together a stand so we could put it in the ground. We did this because we wanted something to be at Calvin's gravesite until we decide what we want to put on a headstone and then have it made. And picking out a headstone for your child is something no parent should ever have to do but far too many parents have done. Just thinking about it creates chaos in my head and I can't concentrate and even think about what would be perfect for Calvin. When we get something picked out I will post it so everyone can see it. In the bottom picture you can see some of the things that others have left at his grave. I think it's neat that others come to see him. I'm glad that he touched so many other people's lives.


denverallens said...

I love it Donna, so appropriate. Mac likes it too!

sally said...

That is such a good idea. I also like the photos on the plaque.

Jammie & Russell Elkins said...

Chris is a friend our ours. We worked together at Chrysalis for many years. We sure think the world of him. He gave me your blog so we can keep in touch better with your family. I was unaware of your loss. We are both very sorry. We know how much you love your children. You are in our prayers.