Christmas Eve & Other Adventures

Every year we have a Christmas Eve party with the paternal relatives of Olaf's. It's always a lot of fun and the only time the whole family is organized to get together and visit. I love this tradition and it has been going on for several generations. Usually Santa comes but this year his invitation wasn't sent out soon enough, so he made other plans. But it was still great to see people we don't see very often, if not since last Christmas Eve Party.

Our drive home was quite adventurous though. We told the boys they could open a present at home since Santa hadn't come and given them a present this year.

Middle Child: Can we pick our own presents to open?

Me: No, I'll pick them out.

Baby: So you're kidding, we get to pick our own presents, right?

Me: I think I'll pick your presents.

Olaf: Or you can wait til tomorrow.

Baby: Christmas is tomorrow! I can hardly wait!! It feels like 5 more days it's so far away!

Me: Why don't you try to fall asleep? The sooner you fall asleep the sooner tomorrow comes! (even though I've been telling them this for years they don't seem to believe me and never take my advice.)

Middle Child: I'm so thirsty! Can I have a drink?

Me: We didn't bring you anything to drink. You should have drank more at the party.

Middle Child: I had plenty to drink! I'm dying!

Baby: You will pull over at the next gas station and get me and Middle Child a drink!

Middle Child: Even if it's only water!

Olaf to me: Love how they're telling us what to do like they control us.
Olaf to them: You will make it home just fine.

Baby: So we get to pick our own presents?

Me: When do you want to open them?

Baby: You're just kidding, right?

Middle Child: My stomach is getting groggy!

A little later, Middle Child: My brain is taking 80% of the water out of my body, it's dry.

Olaf: New symptoms for dehydration. Now I know what else to look for.

Baby: Christmas is taking forever!

Baby: Mamma Mia!

Me: Where did you learn that? (I promise he hasn't seen the movie)

Baby: Whenever I lose Donkey Kong says it.

Olaf: Yeah, didn't you know Mario & Luigi are Italian?!?!?

Middle Child: Dad, pull over and let Mom drive. Then we'll get home sooner!

Me: Dad is driving fast enough! We're almost home anyway, well at least more than halfway.

This is a small sampling of our conversation on the hour long drive home from Salt Lake City.

We Wish You All a Merry Christmas!


mommybake said...

Oh my heck they are funny!! I had a hard time getting the boys to go to sleep - none with the girls. Ellen put herself to bed by 8pm!!! Merry Christmas!!

Krissie said...

That is so funny!

the HeartTongues said...

your boys are so amusing. you could write a book like Ali. :) thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

Terry said...

your boys are so freaking funny. I love to hear your stories.