9 New Year’s Resolutions for 2009

This has been a big year for changes in our household. I quit my job of almost a decade, Daycare. YEAH! I'm now employed fulltime with a steady paycheck and PAID TIME OFF! What more could one ask for? Well, maybe more free time, but that is only a matter of better time management on my part. So in an effort to become a better manager of my time I have outlined a few goals for myself.

1. Watch more TV. Since I started working I don't watch more than about 2-3 hours of TV a week and I feel that void in my life.

2. Finish at least two books this year. I used to read a lot more than that but that also has fallen by the wayside since I started working.

3. Make a menu and stick to it at least two times a week. I usually don't have a problem making a menu and shopping for those items, but when I get home from work all good intentions fly out the window as I'm tired and the kids don't usually like what's on the menu.

4. Clean my bathrooms at least once a month. Since I started working this doesn't get done very often. You think I'd have the kids do it, but then I just have to come in after them and redo it since they still haven't figured out how to do housecleaning to my standards.

5. Get the mail daily. This has also fallen by the wayside. It is no longer the Long Awaited Daily Trip Outside that it used to be.

6. Call my friends and family more often. Now that I'm not home all day I have to really plan and make time to call my friends and sisters since I can't just pick up the phone whenever I want.

7. Remember to charge my cell phone every night and take it to work every day. My "smart phone" drains the battery every day. And I usually forget to charge it at least once a week, wreaking havoc the next day when I leave for work, at least when I remember to take it to work cuz I usually forget once a week. Then when I try to text the kids to see how they're doing, I can't and I have to call them.

8. Master Guitar Hero. My favorite game! Nothing more needs to be said. This will take quite a bit of time since I'm still on the easy level.

9. And remember "Less is More" whenever I'm in the store.

Wait! I see a trend here! If I quit working I could accomplish all these goals and more! Boy, working sure takes a lot of time out of your life! Who would have known?


sally said...

I feel your pain. No one could figure out why I didn't want to talk at night after I got home from work - all I really want to do is sit on my butt and sleep.

Terry said...

don't forget monthly dates with me. I guess I mean Jill since I logged in under Terry and that would just be weird.