Partying Hard

This is how the New Year's Eve festivities began:

What more could one ask for? Hot men and guns! After the excitement of checking out new guns and scopes and comparing a few stories (someone shot a buffalo this past year) we were ready to eat and party like 1999. We had a yummy potluck dinner and then proceeded to the partying part.

We played Guitar Hero for hours on end! (refer to 9 New Year's Resolutions for 2009 #8) It was a blast til no one could get past a certain song at around 1 am when everybody decided to head home and sleep. So we finally got to sleep around 1:30. The next morning came with everyone feeling like the Baby and his Dog.

This was at 9:30 am. Tank soon got up and went outside to take care of business. Lately he's on a short leash. With the snow and wind we now have a three-foot snow drift in our backyard, enabling the pooch to jump the four-foot fence and run free. So we had to buy a 20-foot chain to attach him to so he stays with his loving family. But unfortunately he promptly wraps it around everything within reach in the backyard and ends up whining when he's stuck with about a one-foot radius to move around in.

Then at 10:30 am Baby was in this position.

Then Tank came in and decided to wake the sleeping child.

But then Tank said "On second thought that looks comfy. I think I'm gonna join him."

And that was how 2009 began for us! Hope yours was almost as fun as ours cuz we had the rockingest party in town!


sally said...

I think we should of taken Chris's advice and headed down to Utah on New Year's Eve.

mommybake said...

I got the same comment from Chris!! But with strep, mono, and snow on the ground - we stayed home and slept:)

Donna said...

You know you should have. We had fun!