The Pros

The Pros of Working Full-Time over Daycare

  1. Lunch hour! This is my favorite perk of working. A full hour of time to myself to do whatever I please. No children, mine or others, calling my name. I haven't had a free lunch hour in 10 years and love this time, even if I just sit in the break room eating leftovers and reading a book. I get to meet Olaf at least once a week for lunch, which is priceless.
  2. Paid Time Off! I get paid to not work! I get paid to go on vacation instead of saving up not only for vacation but for the money I'm not making while gone.
  3. And along with PTO comes Paid Holidays. I get paid to stay home on Christmas and a bunch of other holidays. Who doesn't love a paid holiday, something I hadn't experienced for the last decade.
  4. Bathroom breaks. Whenever I used the bathroom during daycare either a fight would break out or someone would start crying my name. No one does that at my work, thank goodness. I'd be a little worried if it happened there.
  5. A steady paycheck and I don't even have to beg for it! No more wondering how much I'm going to make this month and whether I'm even going to get paid.
  6. An eight hour workday and set work times. No more working 6am to 6pm and waiting on someone to show up in the evenings, when I had many more important places to be.
  7. The chance to get the kids ready every morning without other children pestering me for my attention.
  8. The ability to have meaningful conversations during the daytime hours with my adult coworkers. My brain no longer feels like it's going to mush, at least most days.
  9. No more snotty noses or dirty diapers to change! Nothing more needs to be said.
  10. Benefits. Not that I need them, but at least they are there.


Lonita said...

Re #9 - the first thing Tim checks on the daily sheet they fill out for Joshua at daycare is whether he pooped that day (and is quite disappointed if he hasn't and is saving it up for us later).

Krissie said...

Those are great reasons for working full time...I still remember how you talked me out of doing a daycare right after I got married because I couldn't find a job. It's some of the best advice I have received yet!