My Favorite Restaurant

Today I had lunch at McDonald's. Yeah! I was craving a Double-Cheeseburger-No-Ketchup. Love that sandwich. I know. It's sad. But that's me. Simple as can be.

I'm proud of McDonald's, they're putting the handicapped to work. My Order-Taker/Cashier was hard of hearing. I'm not sure a half-deaf person should be taking orders from people. Today when I got in line I ordered a 1.) Double-Cheeseburger-No-Ketchup, 2.) Small Fry (gotta watch that girlish figure run away), and 3.) Medium Diet Coke. I swiped my card and patiently waited for my food. Then the Order-Taker/Cashier handed me a small cup. All of a sudden my whole order was suspect. What if she didn't get my Double-Cheeseburger-No-Ketchup order correct?

"I needed (no emphasis added even though I was feeling it) a Medium Diet Coke," I calmly explained.

She kind of looked around, looked at the cash register (I'm sure she was wondering if she should charge me the extra $0.30), and finally just gave me the Medium cup.

Then the other girl behind the counter slapped my burger on the tray. I didn't see that scrap of paper designating my Double-Cheeseburger-No-Ketchup as Special and Different from the rest. I didn't say anything at the time. I just grabbed my tray and headed back to my favorite table in the back corner. It's pretty low traffic back there and I can read my book in peace. I promptly ate my French Fries. Those must be eaten before they go cold. The Double-Cheeseburger-No-Ketchup will keep it's heat long enough for me to stuff my face with fries.

Then I took a deep breath and opened the paper on the Double-Cheeseburger-Probably-With-Ketchup, expecting to find Ketchup today. Not that I was happy about it, but I wasn't about to go up and complain when the poor girl had hearing issues. But much to my surprise, the scrap paper for special orders was underneath the Double-Cheeseburger-No-Ketchup! Yeah! Lunch was great after all. And my apologies to the Order-Taker/Cashier for doubting her abilities.


Terry said...

I could go eat a double cheeseburger no pickle with you any time. My last experience was with the order taker lady that told me she had 12 diseases. Only at Mc. D's.

Krissie said...

I love McDonalds also and it's the closest cheep place to eat at for me rather than a sit down place. But lately, taco bell has taken place...even with all that good mexican food around here in New Mexico!