Beauty Queens Abound

I thought I was doing so good with the whole makeup thing that us girls do to ourselves all in the name of vanity. Really, I did.

Until I went to BUNCO and found out I had the least amount of makeup of everyone. I think all these people in Utah know how to put it together so much better than me. It's something to do with the water their moms drink while their pregnant, cuz I sure didn't get it. At the time I was feeling good because I was at an all-time-high of 5 different eyeshadow combinations! Five, that's probablly more than I've ever had. But I found out that's nothing.

"What do you do with all those eye shadow colors?" I asked, amazed that anyone could have that many.

Several people explained to me how you need to match your outfit, your mood, the day, etc, etc, etc. Seriously? How many shades of pink/brown/grey/purple/bronze is there out there? Can't I just slap on some pink/brown/grey/purple/bronze eyeshadow and call it good? I try to make it match somewhat but do people really notice when your eyeshadow matches your shirt?

I also don't know how to accessorize. If I get more than earrings put on, then I am all dressed up and ready to go! These girls here have so many necklaces and earrings, one for each outfit. There have been jewelry parties I've been invited to. After the first one and a couple of purchases, I didn't know what else to buy.

I keep trying to get it right, and I just keep failing miserably. My only consolation now is that I work and don't have time for that stuff. And I feel pretty good most of the time, til I'm reminded how behind I am. There has been no learning curve on the whole makeup/accessorizing thing for me. I'm still at the bottom of the curve (I typed curse at first and I think that's what it is) and there's no sign that I'll be coming up that curve, unless it starts to curve downwards.

My sisters joke about Utah Women. How they dress up to stay home and be with their kids. It's true. And I can't keep up. at. all.


sally said...

Hey sister don't get down on yourself. I can't remember half the time to even put makeup on and if I have foundation I consider myself dolled up. I used to use eye shadow but with the shape of my eyes you actually can't see it and I only used one at a time - silver! Jewelry I love but have stopped wearing because of the children, they are ruining all my good vintage stuff. At least you know how to do your hair, I've never been able to do that at all. So you'll always have two up on me.

the HeartTongues said...

Hey...remember I'm right with ya! You might actually have more shades of eye shadow than I do; I'll have to count. :) And I'm with you on the accessorizing too. I tell myself the opposite: I stay at home so I don't need to get all snazzy-lookin'. You saw me last night... :) I think you always look chic. You have your OWN sense of style, and I like it. So there!! :)

Krissie said...

I am also awful with the make-up and the jewelry. Everytime I go to the in-laws and see my sisters putting all this stuff on, I ask, what's this and what's that because I don't even know what they are using. The only time I ever use more than one eyeshadow is when we go out and do something fancy...like the marine corp ball or my christmas party or a big get together with friends when we are eating out. So, don't worry, we understand that we are naturally beautiful who don't need a lot of makeup to compensate for our beauty!

Urban Parks said...

Mom and I, okay Mom, trained you girls on the important stuff - family. You have husbands who love and adore you. Who cares about eye shadow (from a Dad!). You all look GREAT!

Petit Elefant said...

You were in the midst of some MAC counter {dare I say it?} whores when said conversation took place.

All of my make-upping happens because I feel like an artist with a blank canvas and a lot of fun paints. And it makes me feel pretty. It's not for anyone else but me.

Don't let the makeup whores like myself make you feel bad. You're beautiful au natural.

Kym Frankowski said...

I'm totally the same! Yay, there is somebody else out there like me that knows nothing (or in your case I'll give that you know little) about makeup and accessories! Ask your Chris, my Chris even buys my shoes!! (I know, I'm pathetic)

SamBamby said...

It's better to go with one shade a day and then when you want to look REALLY good and get all dolled up break out the crazy different shades of eye shadow and every one will be like, "Whoa! She is beautiful!" then they will realize your natural beauty and be jealous of it. Natural beauty is the best. Anyone can put on lots of makeup, what counts is when you take the makeup off are you still happy with what you see? :D At least that is the way I see it.