The Things I Miss

It's been a rough few months without Calvin here. I just wanted to let you know a few things that I miss about him. No one else got to live with him but I'm sure none of these are a surprise.

1. While driving in the car he would listen to his ipod and sing to the songs at full blast. Whenever we would turn around and ask him to be quiet he would act oh-so-surprised that he was singing loud enough for us to hear.

2. Mornings are quiet at the house now. Calvin was the only one with energy in the morning. He'd be bouncing around, getting everyone moving as the rest of us tried to lay on the sofa.

3. His phone constantly buzzing or chirping whenever he got a text which I figured must have been on average 400 a day.

4. Taking him shopping or buying clothes for him. He was starting to get into fashion and it was fun to shop for him

5. Watching him get ready for a camping trip. He loved camping and was always excited to go.

6. His incessant teasing. He teased everyone. He's like Olaf in this regard.

7. His escapades. He was always getting into some kind of trouble, no matter how minor.

8. Watching him pass the sacrament at church.

9. Grounding him to his room for eternity and beyond.

10. Trying to fill his bottomless pit of a stomach.

11. His creativity. He made a collecting can contraption when Middle Child was collecting cans.

12. His listening to every conversation, trying to find out all that was going on in the world around him.

13. His love of service to others.

14. How he loved to play sports with his friends. A was always rounding up a game of football in her backyard and he was usually her first draftee.

15. His love of everyone. He loved everyone, young or old, and didn't complain too much about being stuck with someone.

16.The way he would cock his head to the side and grin when he was happy.

17. His favorite movies playing in the background. And they weren't cartoons anymore. They were movies I would even enjoy, most of the time.

18. His incessant talking at bedtime as he tried to mischievously stay up later by talking and offering to do things for us.

19. His wonderful babysitting skills.

20. His daily reminder for family prayers.

21. His snappy fingers when he was happy.

22. His annoying hugs at the most inopportune time.

23. Telling me "You're beautiful & the skinniest Mom I know" when he wants something.

24. His arm around his brothers cuz he loved them and was the only one who could tease them.

25. The balls thrown over the roof to a friend on the other side.

26. Taking him to ref games for Salem.

27. The zest he had for life. He was usually so positive about almost everything. And when he wasn't he was most often tired or hungry.

28. His crankiness when he didn't get to eat every hour.

29. His ability to do his chores awesomely.

30. His love for Boomer the Basset Hound.


sally said...

I knew that when I read the title I'd be crying by the end, and I don't think I can blame this one of pregnancy. My favorite thing about Calvin was how nice he was to all his cousins no matter what their age. He was always playing with Bonnie & Chas when we visited and he was 10 years older then the kids. I'm sure he's sharing all those wonderful joys with other people in heaven right now.

JoAnn said...

These last three months have gone so slowly. Calvin did love everyone. He always gave me a hug when visiting. I believe his mission on earth was to care for everyone-especially those in need of a friend or extra special care. He is busy in heaven helping youth coming home now that need help. He had energy galore. He even teased Grandma by hiding her luggage when she had to go home once. We love and miss you Calvin.

denverallens said...

Ahhh Mann! Start the day out with tears! As I read down this list of what you miss I could see Mac in almost all of them! He really started acting a lot like Calvin after he passed away and I thought it was his way of dealing with the loss. Now I wonder if Calvin is up there influencing Mac! Especially numbers 16, 22, 23,10 and 6. I seriously think that sometimes. Mac misses him so much, he would have done anything for Calvin. I'll have to make sure he sees this post after school. It'll make him happy.

mommybake said...

Wow! What do you say to that? I saw the post eariler today - but knew that I couldn't read it at that moment. I do miss Calvin so much! I wasn't around him daily like you, but I feel such a loss with out him! I love him so much! And I too miss the way he would put his head to one side and smile! Or how he would tease you, knowing how to get at you every time!! You know that he is up in Heaven smiling down on you and everyone else! He loves us as much as we love him!! I have been trying for months to put his scrapbook together - and it still hasn't happened! It puts a smile on my face seeing him, but hurts my heart so much at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Donna, What wonderful memories about Calvin that you have written. I know that has to help you as you deal with your loss a well as the loss to all your family and friends. We so enjoyed the visit with all of you and was good to be with the boys. Even there will be no more memories made you have those that you will cling to, cry, laugh and think about in the days and years to come. He made an impression on so many in too short of life but we know that he is in heaven and continuing on with his life up there. Life does go on but not in the same way as it did. I know that all of you have a strong faith and will become stronger because of what you have gone through. Sounds as if the boys are doing good and loved their conversation about the stars etc. We have a fasination for the moon and enjoy watching it come up and especially when it is full. Take care. Love, Aunt Marge

Terry said...

grounding for eternity and beyond. you have always had the funniest punishments- remember the "you will never be able to pee in the house again." I love you guys thanks for the added memories.

Urban Parks said...

I have just gotten home and fed myself as I started to read your Blog. This is the best blog you have ever written. It touches every one of us in a powerful way. It is a real tribute to the most outstanding young man I ever knew - and I mean that between the tears I'm now shedding. He set a standard that will be difficult for all of us to achieve, but one we can constantly strive for. We are all better because of Calvin and the influence he was and still is in our lives. I too know where he is and that he is doing great work. Aunt Marge said it best when she said to treasure the memories. I know that all of us will. Our family is strong and close. We are stronger and closer now. Every event will remind each of us what we have lost, and remind us to cherish those we have. God bless you, all of you. Dad

Marti said...

As I read through what you miss most the tears started flowing. Although I only had the luck to meet Calvin a few times, he was a very special person. All of this makes me appreciate what Grandma Jean started for all of us so many years ago.....Our family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger. When we are faced with a crisis in our lives we become stronger individuals who appreciate the loved ones we have and cherish the memories that we have built. That is what keeps us going - the memories and knowing that our loved ones are in heaven looking down on us and guiding us through life. I love you.