It's Going Up Again

Yesterday morning I drove by my Gas Price Indicator. Don't I sound special with my very own Gas Price Indicator? I bet you all wish you could have one too so you'd know whether to get gas today or tomorrow! Mine is the Holiday Oil Gas Station, a.k.a. the Scary Clown Gas Station.

I get to see this lovely picture every day to and from work. But I brave this scary place because this gas station has the cheapest gas in town besides Costco, to which I don't have a $50 membership, but I wouldn't save that much in gas a year, so it's more economical to go to Holiday Oil. Not to mention more convenient.

But as I was saying, Gas is Going Up. I'm actually surprised it didn't go up around December 20th. Usually the Oil Mobsters Producers jack up prices right before any major traveling holiday. But they didn't this year and we didn't go anywhere. I almost felt guilty for not taking advantage of the cheap cheap cheap gas prices. But yesterday morning it all ended. Gas went up to $1.59. Not that I'm complaining because gas hasn't been that cheap since we bought the truck, but IT'S GOING UP! It went down so fast I'm afraid it will go back up that quickly and we won't be able to go anywhere this summer either cuz the price of driving anywhere is prohibitive, well at least until they bring the 100 mpg cars to the US. But then those usually only seat two people so we'd have to take two cars everywhere, which would be a major hassle since I've quit driving whenever we go somewhere as a family. (something to do with Olaf getting carsick whenever he doesn't drive.) So we can all hope and pray that gas doesn't go through the roof again. Maybe if we quit spending money it'll go back down. Oh wait, people are already spending less because of that nasty word "recession." Well, start spending less anyway!


sally said...

What will you post next - you've already hit scary clown post. Don't worry, it's not a recession if you have a job!

Petit Elefant said...

I know! Maybe I should have let Michal go on another stupid, pointless California trip.

mommybake said...

Just be happy you have somewhere to drive to and you aren't doing daycare anymore!! I say this as Chas is bitting my toe!!! Yes I know, what is my toe doing in his mouth you might ask? He is playing on the floor and before I knew it, bite!