And We All Went to Church

This weekend we had the pleasure of going to church down in Fillmore, Utah. We went with Olaf's Aunt and Uncle who were hosting a family reunion at their cabin. We got to church almost an hour early in order to sit on soft chairs and we were just a hair late and still sat on the hard chairs. But it was all worth it. We were in a small church setting and got to see an Apostle from our church speak, Elder Russell M. Nelson.

He gave a very nice talk. In it he discussed a home invasion that took place while he was in Mozambique. Some robbers came in, roughed the people up, and took everything on them. Then the leader of the robbers put a gun to Elder Nelson's head and told him "I'm going to kill you and kidnap your wife." Elder Nelson told us that he had lived his life in preparation of meeting his Maker one day but didn't feel like this guy should get to make the decision when that time came. But he also realized he didn't have much choice in the matter. Then the leader pulled the trigger on the gun but it didn't go off. Then the robbers all ran away and left them there. They were not kind robbers, they broke one of the wife's arms.

At this point Baby turned to Olaf and said, "Of course it didn't work, the gospel protected him." Oh to have the faith of an eight-year-old.


sally said...

I love when Nelson visits. He gives such good talks. I think I would of been terrified. But I think here baby is probably more right than anyone else! Is he really eight already?

Donna said...

That Baby of mine is 8 1/2! The talk was great and the kids got to shake his hand afterwards. They thought was pretty cool.

Krissie said...

I love it when Apostle's visit the ward. It's so exciting and it seems even the kids listen better :). That is a pretty amazing story and baby seems to be so in tune with the gospel. What a blessing. I can't believe he is so big already! It's time for him and Middle child to stop growing up! Love ya!

quilts and quirks said...

Elder Nelson's talk reminded me of Saturday being Pirate's day. Those robbers were our modern day pirates. Very scary. I'm thankful for his protection. I also can't believe baby is 8 1/2 years. He grew too, too fast.