Pros & Cons of the West

Pros of Living in the Mountain West
(and stuff that doesn't happen in the Midwest)
  1. Sun 95% of the time
  2. Nearby Mountains for days long adventure
  3. Cool summer nights and starry skies
  4. Sun 95% of the time
  5. Low Humidity allowing a hairstyle to last more than 1 hour
  6. Few pesky bugs
  7. Sun 95% of the time
  8. Roads snow and ice free within a few days of snowstorms
  9. The ability to dry off completely from a shower
  10. Sun 95% of the time in the Winter when the shortened days bring about SADD.

Pros of living in the Midwest
  1. Spectacular Fall Colors which you can't find unless you drive a while to the Canyons to get a glimmer of the profuse Colors available to Fall Trees in the Midwest
  2. Large, thick, lush trees, dwarfing houses and buildings; the opposite of the small, short trees that struggle to live in the desert, providing much less shade than I'm still accustomed to
  3. Rolling hills covered in trees and fields of some crop or other
  4. Humidity keeping the skin hydrated eliminating the need for daily lotion rubs
  5. Regular stunning, magnificent, and impressive Thunder and Lightning storms
  6. Lawns and gardens that don't need watering when a thunderstorm has happened by in the last week or two even if you don't plant native, xerix plants
  7. Thick, productive corn fields surrounded by trees and thick grass, not scraggly juniper trees and sagebrush
Despite all the wonderful things I miss about the Midwest I love the Sun that shines almost all the time here in the West. It pretty much makes up for everything else that I miss. I miss the rows and rows of corn to be seen outside any city. I miss the huge trees of wide variety everywhere that show profuse shades of all Fall Colors every year. I miss the incredible thunder and lightning and horrendous showers that make cars stop on the road from their ferocity. I've forgotten what it's like to not need lotion every single day slathered over my whole body. But despite this and everything else I miss, (the cute old towns, old churches, down-to-earth people everywhere) I LOVE the sun that shines the vast majority of the time, bringing me a ray of hope during the short winter days, which is soon to be upon us.


Urban Parks said...

Donna, you have hit the nail right on the head. We too miss all of those things - maybe those thunderstorms the most! But we also miss the fall colors. In the desert, however, we do enjoy the year-round flowers in our yard. No grass, but year-round flowers.

denverallens said...

It's a little greener on our side of the mountains, a little more plain like. I love the sun in the west. We had three days of cold dreary weather last week. I totally enjoyed it, because I know it would pass quickly.

mommybake said...

I love the midwest - but I also love the west!!

sally said...

Here Here. Right now I miss the humidity due to the mass numbers of diapers I change daily I feel like my hands are going to dry off.

Lonita said...

Yeah, the fall is great here - but I will be envious of you when we're locked in snow, ice and sub-zero temps here this winter!

michael said...

I think you forgot an important thing about the midwest. You can chase down fireflies in the late summer nights. The west doesn't have fireflies.

Donna said...

I totally missed the awesome fireflies! My kids love them!

quilts and quirks said...

We are about to go into the "bushes turning into bursts of lavender blossoms" seasons. That is one of my favorite bushes. The blooms come and go for months in the fall and spring. We are waiting for the cooler temperatures. That will come soon.

allerkins said...

I've never seen the Midwest but thanks Donna for making me even more excited to go there someday, possibly live there! I love all the things you posted about, thunderstorms and big lush trees and fall colors, and it would be such a dream come true to live in a place that has more of all those things!

the HeartTongues said...

i couldn't agree more with you on #2, 4, 5, and 6 as far as things i miss about living in Florida go...!